Omega 1 vs Hereward Harriers – Sat 4th Feb 2017

By February 4, 2017Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Hereward Harriers - home game

Omega were geared up for their return match against Hereward Harriers, all kitted out in their new dresses, courtesy of the sponsorship the Club has been awarded by ‘The College Arms’, Hertford Heath and ‘Jackson Fletcher Ltd – Building Services’…a big thank you to both from the Club.

A motivational talk from Coach, Paul Kenny and Captain, Emma Maidment and they take the court,  knowing they have a lot to prove after their previous performance and what a difference in the play!  The team were determined to get back into the Omega way of playing and focussed well in the first quarter, lining the court when the defence intercepted, controlling their play right into the shooting circle.  The linking of the passing down court is spot on and finished off with superb shooting from both GA, Emma Maidment and GS, Charlotte Jordan.   Two thirds of the way through the quarter and they have already taken control of the game and look like they are set to win it.  A sweet, distance shot from the top of the circle edge by Emma Maidment, kisses the net as the goal is scored.   A free pass to Omega deep in the centre third in the final seconds and WD, Hannah Sell spots that there are only 4 seconds to go, so goes for a final goal with a long ball straight into the circle to Charlotte, but the chance of the extra goal was not to be.   A great lead at the end of the quarter, with Omega winning 18-4.

The second quarter saw more superb teamwork throughout, with several rebounds won by GK, Claire Daws and GD, Hannah Lok, allowing more chances for the team.  This coupled with consistently great shooting by both Emma and Charlotte, fantastic support on the attacking circle edge from C, Lucy Andrews and WA, Sophie Cockrill,  meant an increased lead in this quarter, ending it 37 – 12 to Omega.

Harriers have made changes at half time, with their GA moving into the defence circle, their GK leaving the court and a new shooter coming on, but they have a lot of work to do.  A dummy, coupled with a good dodge resulted in an accurate feed from Lucy to Charlotte, taking the first goal of the 3rd quarter.  Some fantastic timing of her jump when marking the ball, sees Hannah Sell winning some well deserved balls to assist Omega with increasing their lead further.  Steady play by the Omega team results in errors being forced on Harriers and Omega taking advantage and scoring the goals.  The score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 55-23.

Omega persistently hunted the ball at every opportunity in the game and did not slacken this in the final quarter.   Excellent teamwork throughout, resulted in Harriers not being able to break the play down, but they fought hard to the end.   The final 6 seconds and it’s the final centre pass for Omega.  A feed straight into the circle to Charlotte and the final goal is scored just in time for the end of the game.  Omega consistently scored 18/19 goals each quarter, resulting in the final score being 74-30!  What a cracking game, with some loud support from start to finish from injured reserve, Andrea Kinninmonth.

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