Omega 1 vs Hereward Harriers – Sat 22nd Oct 2016

By October 23, 2016Regional Match Reports
Omega vs Harriers

Omega came out determined at the start of the game, taking an early lead of 6-1 within minutes.  Strong defence, with several interceptions made throughout the court, kept Harriers goals down to just seven in the first quarter, allowing Omega to increase their lead at the end of the first quarter to 14-7.

The teams take the court for the second quarter and Omega are focussed on increasing their lead with 16 turnovers throughout the quarter.    Harriers are let into the game by silly errors in the passing made by Omega, but the defensive play of the entire Omega team scupper Harriers chances of reducing Omega’s lead.  Omega storm ahead increasing their goal lead by 11 by the half time.

Harriers make some team changes in an attempt to come back into the game, but once again, Omega are strong on their defensive play,  gaining 14 steal and turning the game to their advantage, allowing them to retain and increase their lead further by the end of the 3rd quarter.

The final quarter and both teams are on the attack.   Fantastic control of the ball by Omega and many more interceptions, sees them maintaining ownership of play to end the game on a high.  This controlled play means they not only retain possession of the ball for their own centre passes, but steal the play from Harriers on many occasions, taking advantage of this and converting the shots to valued goals.    The highest scoring quarter for both teams, with Harriers scoring 8 and Omega scoring 16.  Consistent defensive play, with a high number of turnovers made by the team throughout the game, left the final result as 50-28 to Omega.

Our fifth East Region game having just been promoted from the Herts County League and we’re on a winning roll and long may it last!

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