Omega 1 vs Hatfield Hawks – Saturday 13th October 2018

By October 15, 2018Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Hatfield Hawks on Saturday 13th October 2018

The second game of the season saw our first team host the well established Hatfield NC at home. With the full squad unavailable, support was given from Nicola Rantell, Charlotte Ramejkis and Molly Brett. A nervous squad to start, but determined as ever to fight for a result.

The first quarter saw a new squad enter the court. The first centre pass taken by Hatfield saw an unforced error, with Omega responding to this and taking to goal. Unfortunately a miss saw Hatfield’s fierce defence take the rebound, and convert the goal. A returned unforced error of ball dropping on Omega’s account saw Hatfield steal the pass, but an interception by WD, Hannah Sell, with a pass into Charlotte Jordan, GS, and working with attack help them to convert the goal.

Hatfield attack again, and tight defence was demonstrated by Omega’s GK, Leigh Rees-Reynolds and GD, Claire Daw, with a tip by Leigh. Constant pressure by defence causes multiple shot attempts, with an eventual goal for Hatfield. Defensive attack play by Hatfield pressures interceptions made by Leigh, but finally converted to goal by Omega. End of quarter sees Omega leading 11-8.

2nd quarter and no squad changes from Omega. This quarter sees 3 clean interceptions from Leigh (GK) and Claire Daw (GD), giving the support to the Omega attack. Hatfield’s defence again pressure the Omega shooters throughout, with their GK forcing Omega’s errors. A bounce pass from GA to GS sees Omega lose possession and Hatfield convert to goal. Some unforced errors on Omega’s part with reverse possession, and hesitation at goal give Hatfield an opening to goal. Defence stay strong to pressure down court. Great defensive tip from Nicola Rantell, C, in Hatfield’s attacking third adds the pressure and is taken towards Omega’s attack. 2 seconds to go and Omega C passes into shooters and goal is scored. Omega keeps showing fight until the whistle with a final quarter score of 24-20.

3rd quarter and Hatfield come on fighting, with volume from their bench heightening. Hatfield take first centre with the goal pressured by Claire, and rebound won by Leigh. Ball is taken down court but unfortunately lost. Similar defence sees Omega take to the shooters via Sophie Cockrill, WA, to convert goal. With pressures rising, Leigh picks up caution in defensive circle. Unforced errors on both accounts sees play reverse the court with eventual conversion by Hatfield. Omega C picks up caution for deliberate obstruction. A forced pass into double marked Charlotte Jordan, GS, is luckily taken off court by GD and Omega take back line. Hatfield react to the spectator support and take the quarters lead, 33-32.

After a team talk and squad changes; Megan Pryde taking WD and Hannah Sell playing WA, Omega return to court full of fight. Constant support from spectators gives Omega the boost needed. Omega start the quarter with equalising goal by Charlotte. Unfortunately opportunity to take the lead is lost, but regained with interception from Leigh, followed by long pass from Hannah directly to Charlotte and converted to goal. Omega continue to apply pressure throughout the court, although Hatfield defence continue to apply pressure and Omega miss a shot. ‘Dummy passes’ see Omega’s attacking feed improve to Natalie and Charlotte. Leigh and Megan continue to support up the court allowing possessive play and control into Omega circle. Omega attack tightly defend back line pass, forcing over third pass. Leigh takes another interception taken to goal with final few seconds remaining. Forced pass from Omega’s shooters sees Hatfield take possession and the final goal. Final score: 44-39.

A great performance from both squads, and a greatly contested game in good spirit. Continual support from both teams spectators saw the energetic game from both squads. Omega’s defence of Leigh Rees-Reynolds and Claire Daw supports the squad throughout to take the win. POM goes to Charlotte Jordan (Omega) and Sophie Welsh (Hatfield).

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