Omega 1 vs Comberton 2nd round – Sat 13th Jan 2018

By January 13, 2018Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Comberton 13th Jan 2018

The return match between Omega 1 and Comberton in the 2nd round of the East Region League and it’s an away game for Omega with a squad of 8 due to illness.  The starting team being GS – Charlotte Jordan, GA and Captain – Emma Maidment, WA – Sophie Cockrill, C – Lucy Andrews, WD – Hannah Sell, GD – Hannah Lok and GK – Sam Abbot, with Claire Daw on the bench.

The first quarter was a good opener for Omega, with Comberton Shooters not yet having a good eye for the shot, which Omega took advantage of.  Omega were quick into the game with some great early turnovers by both defence and centre court players, enabling Omega attack to play some quick balls into the shooters, who capitalised on the hard work of the team, allowing Omega to take an early lead of 9 goals going into the 2nd quarter with a score of 15-6 in Omega’s favour.

A change to the team for the 2nd quarter, with Claire Daw taking the court at WD and Hannah Sell on the bench.  The start of this quarter saw great controlled play by the entire Omega team, excellent interworking in the circle by the shooters and several rebounds and interceptions being won by the Omega defence players.  However the Comberton shooters had now got their eye in and were consistent in their conversion at every opportunity awarded them, reducing the goal difference by 2 goals and it was Omega’s turn to be off the shooting boil!   Additionally, Omega lost control of the ball on 2 of their  consecutive centre passes and Comberton were quick to punish them with 3 straight goals.  Omega fought  back hard, breaking down the next Comberton centre pass to gain control and steal back a goal, followed swiftly by converting the goal on their following centre pass and a strong defensive rebound by Sam in GK on the next, allowed them to gain back their lost goals to maintain a stable lead.  The 1st half ends 27-19.

The coach and captain remind the team of our game play, as some key areas were seen to be lacking in the 2nd quarter.  A swift change again in defence sees Sam Abbott leave the court and Hannah Sell take up the GK position for the remainder of the game.   Tight defending on the first centre pass results in Comberton being punished for a held ball and Omega are off to a promising start,  but the advantage is short lived as Omega fail to convert the shot.  However, Omega force another error on Comberton and this time, Omega please the supporters with a goal.   The first few minutes of this quarter and Omega are quick to punish Comberton at every opportunity, taking advantage of many errors forced on the team.    Some fantastic interceptions were performed by Claire (WD), Sophie (WA) and Hannah Sell (GK) this quarter, as a result of added pressure on Comberton added by the entire Omega team, which allowed Omega to increase their lead to 15 goals very quickly, with Omega’s shooters now consistent in their conversion.    Comberton settle back into the game in the latter part of the quarter, which is more evenly played, however the earlier lead is maintained by Omega.

Going into the final quarter, Omega have a comfortable 18 goal lead and it starts with even court play, but Omega’s strong centre court defensive play, once again forces Comberton into a held ball situation and Omega are quick to take advantage.    We see some great rotation play by the Omega shooters, Emma and Charlotte, in the circle and strong support at the circle edge by the Lucy (C) and Sophie (WA).  The team make some strong links across the court which results in them continuing to steadily increase their lead throughout the quarter.  In the final minutes of the game, Hannah Lok (GD) and Hannah Sell (GK) are strong and they intercept the ball well.  A solid performance from the entire squad and another great result with a final score of 58 – 38.  Not as big a goal difference as the 1st round, but Comberton gave Omega a great game throughout, showing they are a team to be reckoned with.

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