Omega 1 vs Christchurch – 18th February 2017

By February 18, 2017Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Christchurch

Only three more fixtures to go and Omega are keen to hold on to their top slot on the table, so know this is a key game.  The first centre pass is Christchurch’s but strong defence from GK, Hannah Lok, reading and intercepting the feed into the opposition circle allows Omega to start well, with accurate shooting from GA, Emma Maidment converting the 1st 2 goals with ease.  The whole team work well together all down the court, both linking the passes on the attack play and turning the game over on several occasions.  The score at the end of the 1st quarter giving Omega a great lead at 16-6 in their favour.

The second quarter sees Omega starting a little frantic, they loose their discipline and do not play their usual game, allowing Christchurch to take advantage of their mistake, with equal amount of goals scored by both teams.  But Omega settle back into their play by the 2nd half of the quarter and 3 great interceptions by WD, Claire Daws sees the quarter turn-around.  Omega consider their passing and control their play.  We begin to see some great dodging once again by WA, Sophie Cockrill and GA, Emma Maidment, fantastic feeds from C, Lucy Andrews and strong movement in the circle by GS, Charlotte Jordan as they settle back into the game and steadily building on their lead, with the score at 32-16 by the end of the quarter, ending with Omega holding on to the centre pass as the buzzer goes.

The 3rd quarter starts and it should be Omega centre pass, but somehow,  it goes to Christchurch!  Omega put on the defensive pressure and intercept the ball from Christchurch but swiftly give it back.  They intercept it again, but fail to hold on to it.  Christchurch GA seems to have her eye in in this quarter and punishes Omega, closing the gap.  Some fantastic defending in Omega Circle by GD, Hannah Sell, winning the ball for Omega on several occasions but Omega once again loose their discipline with the ball and loose the quarter 9-12, leaving the score 41-28 to go into the final quarter.

A motivational team chat during the quarter, but both team captains are called to the umpires who express concern and unease with late challenges and ask both teams to be more cautious.   The teams take the court and Omega are ready to give their all for the final quarter.  Once again, some superb defending in the circle by Omega’s defence giving more opportunities to the team to increase their goals.  The attack worked well together with more considered passing and controlled play.  This coupled with the strong defence, gives Omega many more opportunities to convert the goals, which they take advantage of, once again increasing their lead and ending the game 56-35.  A well fought game by both teams, with Christchurch never giving up throughout the game and fighting hard to punish Omega at every opportunity.

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