Omega 1 vs Billericay

By October 1, 2016Regional Match Reports

Another great win for Omega 1 in their second East Region game against Billericay. The game started off with superb shooting from Billericay, giving them an early lead but Omega responded well, closing the gap to just two goals by end of the first quarter, leaving the score as 13-11 to Billericay going into the second quarter.

Omega came out fighting with a change of centre court defence strategy, which closed down the Billericay attack, enabling Omega to dominate the play.   Additional pressure in the defensive circle with another tactical change, saw Billericay miss shots, which in the 1st quarter they would have converted.   Omega’s discipline was solid and their control of the ball was greatly improved.   Several interceptions by Omega, coupled with accurate shooting resulted in Omega scoring 15 goals in the 2nd quarter, compared to 8 by Billericay, resulting in the scores by half time being 26 – 21 to Omega.

Billericay were not ready to concede the game and came back into the third quarter very strong.  A change in their shooting circle saw Billericay’s conversion rate improve once again, scoring 19 goals in the quarter.  That, along with Omega’s ‘telegraphed’ passing, enabled Billericay to take control of the quarter, changing the lead in their favour.  The third quarter ended with Billericay having the advantage going into the final quarter, leading 40-36.

A tactical change by Coach, Paul Kenny, going into the final quarter proved to be a great decision.  The final quarter and Omega were determined as they took the court.   They fought hard to win back the ball, intercepting several times, holding onto the advantage gained and converting to valuable goals.   The final quarter belonged to Omega, who once again owned the play, intercepting and controlling the ball and scoring each time.  With the win in sight, Omega reverted to possession play, to retain ownership and control of the ball, only moving it forward into the shooting circle when a safe to do so.

A fantastic game by both teams, neither of which were ready to concede and both of which fought to the bitter end.  The final score was 49-47 to Omega.

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