Omega 1 vs Billericay – Sunday 8th January 2017

By January 9, 2017Regional Match Reports

The first game of the new year sees Omega 1 travelling to Hockley, Essex, to play Billericay.  The nerves are ever present after the indulgent festivities, but they soon settle as the teams take the court.   Billericay win possession of the ball from Omega, as Omega make silly errors allowing Billericay to steal the ball.  However, the Omega shooters prove more accurate than their opposition, allowing Omega to take an early lead of 4 goals by the end of the 1st quarter (9-13).

The Billericay team chat obviously stirs them as they return to court ready to fight for the game.    Omega demonstrate some great ball control, re-adjusting their play when the front ball is not on, however their error is not meeting the ball and Billericay seize the opportunity to intercept and take possession on several occasions, which allows them to secure more goals than Omega in the 2nd quarter, bringing the game to even scores my half time (25-25).

A focussed team chat during half time, along with a defensive change for Omega.   The teams are evenly matched in their court play, each intercepting the ball down court,  turning the game in their favour a half dozen times, but once again the accuracy of the Omega shooters is superior.   The Omega team are not about to give up and are upbeat as they once again take a 4 goal lead to end the 3rd quarter (34-38).

With the end of the game in sight, both teams are eager to secure the win.   Billericay close the gap once more, but it is short lived.  Some interceptions by the Omega defence and controlled, safe ball play down court, allow Omega to once again increase their lead, maintaining and slowly increasing it as the quarter proceeds.  Solid and consistent umpiring by both umpires  allowed both teams to compete for the game throughout,  with both teams determined and playing in great competitive spirit.   The game ends with the final score being 50-44 to Omega.

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