Omega 1 vs Bears 2 – Sunday 22nd January 2016

By January 24, 2017Regional Match Reports

This week saw Omega travelling back to the Essex region for an away game against Bears 2, who were sitting just behind Omega in the table.  The first leg at Leventhorpe saw Omega win 55-48 so it was bound to be another good competitive match.  With Omega being undefeated so far this season, they are now the team to beat so each game is going to be extra tough.

The first quarter was neck and neck and despite several turnovers from Omega, the goals weren’t converted. Bears, however got off to a good start and were clearly up for challenging the group leaders. The first quarter ended with Bears up by 13-11.

The second quarter was similar to the first with not much between the two sides and very evenly matched.  There were several steals from the Omega players down the court but silly mistakes from the whole team combined with a strong performance from the Bears GS kept Omega at bay.  Unfortunately the Omega GS took a bad knock which saw time needed for a short period. She got back up despite not being able to see properly!!! Never great for your shooter!! This was a well fought quarter from both sides, resulting in the scoreline remaining with a Bears two goal lead.  The quarter ended 29-27.

Both sides made some team changes at half time, including Omega bringing on a poorly Hannah Sell to try and increase the pressure on the Bears shooting circle.  The changes didn’t have a strong enough impact and the GS continued to put pressure on the Omega defence. Unfortunately Omega made several mistakes in this quarter and with the Omega GS having difficulty with her vision (and no back up shooter) Omega dropped further, ending the third quarter 43-35.

With pressure mounting, Omega needed to respond strongly in the last quarter to try and close the gap but unfortunately this was not the case. Bears continued to play their GS into the game at every attempt and with high shooting accuracy this proved to be a winning strategy.  Final result was 57-46.

It was clear that Omega did not play their best in this game and it was by far their worst performance of the season but full credit to Bears who played a strong game and played consistently throughout the four quarters.

This was Omegas first defeat of the season but 1 defeat in 11, especially for league  newbies is still something to be extremely proud of which they remind themselves of going into the next game.

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