Omega 1 vs Bears 2 – Saturday 15th October 2016

By October 16, 2016Regional Match Reports

A successive 4th win for Omega 1 in another very tough East Region game against Bears. The game started very evenly with consistently matched shooting from both sides and with similar amounts of turnover by both teams which led to a very close 1 goal lead at the end of the 1st quarter to Omega with the score being 12-11.

Omega were quick off the mark in the second quarter ensuring that the first centre pass was successfully converted and with all of the team playing defensively and ensuring that pressure was applied to every pass. This allowed Omega to significantly increase their turnovers with interceptions being made throughout the team. This coupled with some exceptional attacking play and insightful passes by the centre court players presented the Omega shooters with the opportunity to pull away and they successfully took their chances ending the quarter with a 7 goal lead, with the score at half time being 29-22 to the home team.

Bears were not ready to concede the game and applied a huge amount of pressure making key interceptions and converting their chances. However, Omega responded well and matched the competitive nature of the game and the teams appeared be cancelling out each other’s efforts for one to pull away to win the 3rd quarter, resulting in both team scoring the same amount of goals and making the same number of turnovers and at the end of the 3rd quarter the score was 42-35 to Omega.

The 4th quarter saw a continued fightback by Bears who played some great netball and continued to apply a huge amount of pressure to Omega. Omega remained disciplined with their play and demonstrated great control of the ball to ensure that they did not let their lead diminish against an onslaught of pressure from Bears and this again resulted in a very evenly matched quarter with some great interceptions made by both teams and the shooters of both sides converting any chances they were given. After a fantastic game by both teams the final score was 55-48 to Omega.

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