Omega 2 vs Equals – Saturday 5th January 2019

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Omega 2 vs Equals - 5th Jan 2019

The first game of the second half of the season and it’s the rematch between Omega 2 and Equals.  Both teams are mid table, with Omega sitting just 2 places above Equals at the end of the 1st half of the season.

The start of the game is Equal’s but a missed shot by their shooter is rebounded by GK, Louise Cousins and the team take the ball to the circle, but the ball is lost and Equals take it back to their shooter, who misses the shot once more and a second rebound by Louise gives Omega another chance, which this time, GS, Hannah Brown succeeds in converting, giving the first goal of the game to Omega.   A chance to take the next goal and an early lead is missed as a held ball call at our centre pass proves fatal and Equals punish.  Both teams battle hard to gain the goal advantage and Omega’s WA, Leanne Mansfield shows great determination, tipping the ball at Equal’s centre pass, but can’t hold on to it and is called for ball-handling.  Next is an unforced error by Equals WD, who footworks and it’s Omega’s turn to gain from their error.  The quarter is tight until the final minutes, when a couple of errors with force-feeding and missed shots allows Equals to end the quarter with a 2-goal lead and score of 16-14.

A change at quarter time sees Emma Faulkner take the bench and Nicola Rantell picking up the centre position.  A great start to the quarter sees Omega clawing back the 2-goal deficit in the first three minutes, equalising the score 17-17, but the draw is short lived as Omega loose their centre pass and Equals capitalise on it.    Another error at our next centre pass allows our opposition to increase the lead once more as they punish every error with their accurate shooting.  The remainder of the quarter is neck and neck, with some great accuracy in shooting by GA, Ruby Brett, converting 100% of her shots.  A rebound by Louise Cousins gives the team an opportunity to close the lead but Equals read the pass mid court and steal the ball and the goal as a result.  The final 8 seconds of the quarter and first half, and WD, Molly Brett seizes the opportunity to lob the ball in to Hannah Brown, but with slightly more power behind the ball than needed, it goes off the goal-line.   The first half of the game ends with Equals still in the lead by 3 goals, with a score of 29-26.

The third quarter sees Ruby Brett taking the bench, replaced at GA by Emma Faulkner.    The quarter starts and Omega know the game is not lost and continue to contest the game.  Some great ball marking by WA, Leanne Mansfield on a sideline throw in, wins a held ball call as the marked player cannot find her team members.  The ball is linked well down to Hannah, who rewards the team with the goal.  Great circle defence by GD, Sam Abbott and GK, Louise Cousins results in Equals force-feeding their shooters, which goes off the goal-line.  Omega take the ball to their shooters again, but the ball is lost once more and Equals take the goal.    A great steal mid court by C, Nicola Rantell and the ball is taken to GS, Hannah Brown, who falls to the ground and calls time for an ankle injury, which results in her leaving the court and being replaced in GS by Ruby Brett.  Some great  turnovers by the mid-court players, Molly Brett, Nicola Rantell and Leanne Mansfield, coupled with accurate shooting by Emma Faulkner at GA, allows Omega to take the lead mid quarter with a score of 37-35.   The team work together to apply the pressure on the opposition and link well on the attack play, with more turnarounds by all players, than errors on display this quarter.   The final 2.30 mins on the clock and Omega loose their centre pass, which allows Equals to claw back the lead and equalise the score 40-40, but the team fight hard once more to gain back their lead.  The final 8 seconds on the clock and Omega loose possession of the ball and as defence have taken their eyes off their opposition, the ball finds Equals GA with ease, however she misses the final opportunity to equalise as she misses the shot and the quarter ends with a score of 42-41.

A final change to the team, with Hannah Brown returning to court, this time at the other end of the court at GK, replacing Louise Cousins who takes the bench.  One goal ahead going into the final quarter, but it’s Equals who restart the game, taking the first goal to equalise.  A missed shot by Omega sees us loose the ball, however Equals WD is called for ball handling and Omega gain another opportunity, but a fluffed pass in the shooting circle sees the ball back in the oppositions hands once more.   GD, Sam Abbott prevents Equals from capitalising on the goal, intercepting the pass at a crucial point and this time Omega take to goal.    With ten minutes remaining, Omega are up by 3 goals, but Equals are not giving up and manage to reduce the lead to just 1 goal once more.  The lead fluctuates again with Omega increasing to 3 goals and Equals reducing it back to 1.  The final minutes with 1 goal lead and it’s Equals centre pass, but they loose the ball off their goal line and Omega seize the chance to secure their lead and succeed in their mission.  1.30 remaining on the clock and another error by Equals sees the ball traverse the side-line and Omega gaining another goal to increase their lead.  10 secs to go and GK, Hannah Brown intercepts the ball in the circle and the team are swift to link the ball down court to their shooters.  An obstruction by Equals GK, sees Omega gaining a penalty shot on the final whistle.  As Emma takes the shot, Equals GD also obstructs, leaving a clear shot for Emma, who doesn’t disappoint!

An exciting, albeit sometimes scrappy first game, with displays of ups and downs in the play throughout.   Nevertheless, a great result, with the final score of 53-49 to Omega, which pushes them into fourth position on the division table and just one point behind third place, SAS Reds, who they play next week!

Omega 1 vs Norfolk Utd 1 – Saturday 2nd December 2018

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Omega 1 vs Norfolk Utd 1 on Sunday 2nd December 2018

After playing Norfolk ER2 last season, Omega knew this wasn’t going to be an easy game. They knew if they wanted to take the win they were going to need to fight for it and that’s exactly what they did.

Omega have the first centre pass and a bad ball causes Norfolk to turn this centre pass over. However, Omega’s defence is too tight for Norfolk they get pulled up for a held ball resulting in Omega being the first on the scoreboard. Norfolk’s WD breaks on their centre pass and Omega score again. Omega’s WA, takes a potential contact from Norfolk which was not called leading Norfolk to goal and getting on the scoreboard. A few bad passes were given by Omega causing a few thrown off the back line and forced errors resulting in Norfolk picking up the goals. The final score at the end of the first quarter saw Omega taking the lead 13-11.

Omega knew what they needed to do 2nd quarter and tidying up their passing was definitely one of them. Omega are not off to a great start as GD is given a caution for persistent obstruction. Norfolk are under pressure and are making errors, a ball thrown off the back line results in another goal for Omega. Norfolk’s WD is now handed a caution for persistent contact. Norfolk have picked their game up and Omega are making silly mistakes. 40 seconds remaining and Omega are rushing the ball into the circle unnecessarily causing the ball to be tipped off the back line = no goal. A poor quarter from Omega and Norfolk now lead 26-25.

Moving into the 2nd half and Omega are yet again off to a bad start, WA failing to catch the ball from GS and ball goes off the sideline. However, Norfolk have now missed the shot and Omega have picked up the rebound and taken the ball to goal. Norfolk GD has now picked up a caution also. Omega’s defence are gaining several interceptions by applying pressure down their end which brings us back to an equal score. 37-37 and Omega miss their shot. Mistakes are made from both sides and the ball is up and down the court with no goal being scored. Norfolk have now taken a 2 goal lead resulting the end of the 3rd quarter being 39-37.

The 4th and final quarter, both teams with so much determination. Norfolk are making mistakes, forced balls are thrown into the shooters and Omega managed to equalise 41-41. A few bad passes are also given by Omega and a centre pass is not received resulting in Norfolk taking to goal. Norfolk then break their own centre pass and Omega managed to take the ball down the court resulting in another goal. Both teams are working hard and fighting, a few mistakes were made by Norfolk and eventually Omega took the win 49-47.

Thank you Norfolk for a great game and we look forward to coming to you in 2019. All the best for the rest of the season.

Omega 2 vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 1 – Saturday 8th December 2018

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Omega 2 vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 1 - Saturday 8th December 2018

The final game of the 1st half of the season and it’s expected to be the toughest as Omega 2 meet the top of the Division 1 table, Abbey Flyers Nomads (AFN) Solar.

AFN start the game, but swiftly loose possession as their GA is called for held ball.  However, Omega fail to keep the ball mid court, but luck is on their side as the AFN WA footworks and this time Omega punish the error, taking the first goal.  In the opening minutes, Omega show the opposition that this is not going to be a walkover as they compete at every opportunity.  Each team make unforced errors this quarter and the game is neck and neck for majority of the time.  Superb defending by GK, Hannah Brown, playing out of position, sees her turning the game around 5 times in the quarter, giving the team ample opportunities to take an early lead, however the team make many errors with passing the ball and attempts at feeding the shooters which hinders their chances, resulting in AFN leading 11-8 by end of the quarter.

A change at quarter time sees GS, Ruby Brett taking the bench, Hannah Brown taking her position and Andrea Kinninmonth stepping into the role of GK after Hannah has set the bar high!   The start of the quarter is not Omega’s best as AFN take the first 4 goals, extending their lead even further.  Omega take time to settle, but succeed by mid quarter, with  strong defending by the team from C court to GK, resulting in 9 turnovers throughout the quarter.   Their determination and fight paying off, winning the quarter 17-11.

The team chat at half time highlights the congestion mid court on our attack play and solutions identified in an attempt to alleviate it.  The team are fired up to compete to the end and return to court prepared to give their all.  This quarter sees more unforced errors, with a couple of breaks on our centre-pass, footwork and a held ball call, but the score goes goal for goal throughout.  This is a better quarter for court play and moving the ball forward with fewer errors than the 1st half of the game, however AFN manage to claw back some goals, reducing the lead to just one goal going into the final quarter and a score of 35-34.

Omega are aware the final quarter will be tight and the chat is one of playing the safe ball and keeping possession to take to goal.  Both teams give their all as they fight to take the game.  The final minutes and Omega are still leading.   Confusion in the defence’s communication with the back-line pass and the AFN GS steals the ball and punishes with a goal, but Omega still have the upper hand.  The final minute and Omega fail to hold the lead as errors are made and AFN take the goals to equalise and it’s AFNs final centre pass with seconds remaining on the clock.  Omega know they need to defend hard and cleanly to prevent the goal.  They succeed in the challenge as AFN attempt to put up the shot, but the whistle blows and the shot is missed.

Omega are happy with the draw of 47-47 against the top of the table, allowing them to sit comfortably mid table by the end of the 1st half of the fixtures.

Omega 1 vs MK Netters Gold – Saturday 24th November 2018

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Omega 1 vs MK Netters Gold

Omega 1 travel to Bedfordshire for an away game against MK Netters Gold with four of their reqular squad missing.  The team have had to steal both 2nd team shooters for the game, leaving the 2nd team depleted for their fixture and a very different attack for their game.  The team are mindful that this is going to be a tough game.

Omega win the toss for the centre pass and start the game, but receive a held ball call on the opening of the quarter and MK Netters are quick to punish, taking the first goal.  MK error on their centre pass, which sees the ball going off the goal line and Omega have the opportunity to take back a goal.   The ball is taken to the shooting circle, but passing out from the shooters to the attack on the circle edge sees the ball going off the side-line and the ball back in MK’s possession.  Omega are not put off by the bad start and fight back to take the next 3 goals.   Both teams error in this opening quarter, but Omega’s defense, GK, Claire Daw, GD Leigh Rees-Reynolds and WD, Hannah Sell are hot and apply the pressure winning interceptions and rebounds from their opposition 7 times and a further twice by the mid-court players, C Megan Pryde and WA Natalie Faal, who pick up a loose ball each.  The interceptions are often short lived, with Omega once again loosing ball ownership down-court, but their determination and accurate shooting by both GS Hannah Brown and GA Sophie Humphrey pays off by close of quarter as they create an early lead of 14-9.

The team are happy with their opening quarter and are set to play in the same vein going forward, but are told to play the safe ball.   The 1st centre pass is Omega’s but a held ball call for the 2nd ball is called and MK punish the error.  MK are by no means ready to concede the game and a battle for goal continues with the early minutes going goal for goal.  Omega’s GD, Leigh defends hard and wins several interceptions this quarter, but each time they are short lived as the ball is lost through poor passing and players not being free to receive a pass so her hard work is lost down court.  MK get on a roll and take 6 goals in a row, but their shooters take 10 attempts at one goal, each time picking up the rebound as their GS has the height advantage.   Omega get back into the game, taking the next 3 goals and the final few minutes go goal for goal.  MK Netters win the quarter 14-11, but Omega hold on to a 2 goal lead with a score going into the second half of 25-23.

A slight tweak mid-court sees Hannah Sell picking up the C position and birthday girl, Megan Pryde moving into WD.   MK start the quarter again and an immediate steal by GK Claire Daw on a feed to the shooters, gives Omega the opportunity to take the goal, but once more, the ball is lost mid-court and MK take it to goal.  The defence are on fire again this quarter, applying the pressure and forcing balls off the goal line, but Omega struggle to hold on to the ball and put it in the net.  MK’s GA is called for footwork at a score of 30-29 to Omega and Omega have the chance to open the lead again, but once again, they fail to keep possession.  A held ball call on Omega’s 2nd ball on their centre pass allows MK Netters the opportunity to level the score 31-31.  The remaining minutes go goal for goal and with a score of 35-34,  Omega miss the shot and MK have a further opportunity to equalise to go into the final quarter, but they also miss the shot, allowing GK, Claire to rebound for a closing goal and a 2 goal lead, but time runs out as they swiftly take the ball to the shooting circle, but the whistle blows before the chance at a shot.

Just one goal in it going into the final quarter  with a score of 35-34 to Omega and Hannah and Megan reverse roles once more.    The 1st centre pass is once again MK’s and their C is called for held ball.  Omega try to force feed our shooters and loose the opportunity gained and MK punish the error.  The quarter goes goal for goal in the opening minutes, but MK manage to nudge into a 1-goal lead.   Omega equalise 41-41 and the next centre pass is theirs, but the ball is lost in the circle and MK punish once more.   Omega manage to equalise again at 42-42 and again have the opportunity on their next centre pass to take the lead, but MK intercept a pass and take the goal…a deja vu moment!  Almost every player in the team error this quarter and very few turnovers are made, allowing MK to take hold.   An extremely tight quarter and a battle to the end.  Omega have several opportunities to take the lead this quarter, but mis-timed jumps on receipt of the pass, failure to loose the marker and unforced errors costs them the game.  A fantastic fought game from both teams and a final score of 46-43 to MK Netters, who steal the game in the final minutes.

A big thank you to Hannah Brown and Sophie Humphrey for travelling to Bedfordshire to fill in for the team and also to Megan Pryde, playing with a hangover on her 21st!  Player of the match goes to Leigh Rees-Reynolds.  Well done all!

Omega 2 vs Hertford Hornets Navy – Saturday 24th November 2018

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Omega 2 vs Hornets Navy

With two of the regular shooters playing up for the 1st team in their away game against MK Netters Gold in Bedford, the team are uneasy for this game.  They call on Charlotte Ramejkis from the 3rd team to fill-in to shoot and welcome back Sam Abbott for her first game this season.

The team settle in to the first quarter and have a great opening to the game, working well as a team.  The two shooters, Charlotte Ramejkis at GS and Ruby Brett at GA, have a solid quarter, securing a good head start for the team, converting 14 goals between them.    The rest of the team defend well and manage to keep Hornets chasing the lead, ending the quarter 14-8 for Omega, giving the team the boost they need for the rest of the game.

The second quarter starts well, with Omega limiting Hornets to just 3 goals to their 9 in the first half.  Once again, the whole team defend well, with all mid-court and defense players intercepting the ball on at least one occasion.  GK, Louise Cousins, GD, Sam Abbott and WD, Molly Brett apply the pressure to their opposition and force them to make many an error, resulting in the ball crossing the goal line, interceptions and missed shots.  Omega open their lead in this quarter with another 17 goals scored, versus just 10 by Hornets, securing a comfortable lead of 31-18 going into the second half of the game.

Hornets start the 3rd quarter and take the first goal.    Centre, Nicola Rantell is fierce in hunting the interception, stealing the ball on Hornets 2nd centre-pass and Charlotte rewards her with a goal.  Hornets fight back and begin to claw back the goals, reducing the lead to just 10 goals.  Omega make some unforced errors this quarter with balls not being caught and balls thrown off court.  With five and half minutes remaining in the quarter, Hornets have clawed a further 2 goals, reducing the gap further, to just 8 goals, but the whole Omega defence  and C, Nicola Rantell continue to apply the pressure and pick up several loose balls, rebounds and interception.  This quarter is won by Hornets 16-13, resulting in the score going into the final quarter being 44-34 to Omega.

With positive encouragement and support from the team bench, Omega return to the court wanting the win.   Likewise, Hornets are keen to fight to the bitter end and take the first 2 goals of the quarter, but Omega reciprocate on the 3rd and 4th goal.   C, Nicola tips many a ball throughout the quarter, stealing the ball on a couple of occasions.  This coupled with GK, Louise winning several rebounds as a result of missed opportunities by the Hornets shooters, keeps the team in the lead.  Omega make some errors again in this quarter with a break at centre pass, ball handling, footwork and missed shots, but the lead they created in the first half of the game is too big for Hornets to pull back and Omega take the game 56-48.

A fantastic result for the team and a big thank you to Charlotte for filling in.  A great performance from the whole team, with great defensive play and determination demonstrated by everyone.  A well played game by 15 year old Ruby Brett in her first game at GA in the Herts County League.

Omega 2 vs Turnford 3 – Saturday 17th November 2018

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Omega 2 vs Turnford 3 - Sat 17th Nov 2018

Having had a couple of weeks break from Herts League games, Omega are feeling apprehensive about the game, but ready to give it our all.   The starting seven are GS – Hannah Brown, GA – Sophie Humphry, WA – Emma Faulkner, C – Nicola Rantell, WD – Ruby Brett, GD – Claire Daw and GK – Andrea Kinninmonth.

The game starts well with Omega taking an early lead as we demonstrate great control of the ball, accurate passing and shooting throughout the quarter, finished off with superb teamwork by GS Hannah Brown and GA Sophie Humphry in our attack circle.  GK, Andrea Kinninmonth closed down the Turnford GS well, defending the space and marking the ball on the shot, resulting in some missed shots from a player who is usually an accurate shooter.  However, in the final seconds of the quarter, Andrea reduced her distance as the GS is about to take the shot, resulting in a penalty is given on the whistle and Turnford punish with the goal.  The opening quarter ends with a fantastic lead for Omega, with a score of 19-8.

Some player changes in the 2nd quarter sees Ruby moving from WD to GS, Hannah from GS to GK, Andrea taking the bench and Molly picking up the WD position.  Turnford have also made a change to their GS, replacing her with another shooter from the bench.  As the quarter starts, Hannah makes her first interception from the Turnford centre pass and the team take the ball to Ruby in GS to reward with the goal.     Turnford put up a fight for the the game this quarter and begin to claw back the goals, closing down the lead.  Ten minutes into the quarter and Turnford’s GA footworks in the circle and Omega seize the opportunity to take it to goal, but a poor feed from the circle edge sees Turnford regaining possession and the goal.  The Turnford GK picks up a caution for persistent obstruction and with 8 seconds remaining in the quarter, it’s Omega’s centre pass but in our haste to get the ball to goal, the ball goes off the goal line.  The first half of the game ends 28 – 20, with Turnford winning the 2nd quarter 12-9.

A rethink on the planned play schedule at half time and a further change to the team sees Hannah back at GS, Ruby at WD, Molly moving to WA, Louise Cousins taking the court as GK and Emma Faulkner taking the bench.    Turnford start the 2nd half, but an unforced footwork error by their GA allows Omega to take the first goal.   A long ball feed from the centre court to our shooters, proves a little hasty as the ball goes off the goal line and we loose possession.  As Turnford take the goal line pass, their WD injures her ankle and calls time, resulting in her leaving the court and being replaced from the bench.  The game restarts and a footwork call in our shooting circle sees our opposition gain the ball and steal a goal and with the next centre pass theirs, they re-close the lead that Omega had gained at the beginning of the quarter, but this is short lived as by just over half way through the quarter, Omega have opened the lead back up to 12 goals.   Some tooing and froing of the ball possession by both teams takes hold in the final minutes with an interceptions from GK Louise, which is quickly lost again mid court with a long feed to Hannah, but is won back again by GD, Claire Daw and this time Hannah finishes it off with a goal.   A much better quarter, with Omega taking the quarter 18-8 and the game score of 46-28 going into the final quarter.

With the play improved and settled, the decision for the final quarter is to keep the status quo with the team.   Omega start the quarter and are rewarded once again by Hannah with the goal.    The first four goals of the quarter go goal for goal but a blip in Omega’s performance sees Turnford pick up the next four goals.  Omega take hold and settle back into their game.  Some errors made by both teams, with contact calls and ball handling, sees the ball tooing and frooing between teams once again.  Omega falter deep into the quarter with a loss of possession on our centre pass and a couple of missed shots, allowing Turnford to claw back some goals.  Confusion sets in as Turnford shoot for goal and the ball goes into the net, but the net bounces it back out again, however the decision is taken to allow the goal to stand.  One minute to go and we loose the ball on our centre pass, but GD, Claire intercepts to win it back and Hannah rewards her once more.  The final 12 seconds on the scoreboard are noted by all and it’s Omega centre pass.  We safely find Hannah for our 60th goal and she obliges, just before the final whistle.

A great display of netball, showing determination to the end.  The win sees us sitting at seventh on the league table with 23 points.  However there are only 6 points between us and the top of the table, AFN Solar and only 1 point between us and sixth position, Equals.  The top half of the table are all fighting for positions, with just 1 or 2 points between each place, so the league is still up for grabs by everyone!

Omega Youths vs Wodson Aqua – Saturday, 17th Nov 2018

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Omega Youths vs Wodson Aqua - Saturday 17th November 2018

After a couple of good results on the last two Monday night games, with a win against Cheshunt 6 and a draw last week against Flames, we’re ready to give Wodson Aqua a good game.

The starting seven are GS – Ellie Reynolds, GA – Lauren Ahern, WA – Louise Merrick, C – Shannon Mooney, WD – Neave Parsons, GD – Millie Pickard and GK – Lauren Lee, with Holly Bennett and Yasmin Rogers on the bench.

The first quarter doesn’t start as well as we’d like, with Wodson Aqua managing to secure the ball into their shooters consistently and the shooters accurately scoring the goals, whilst Omega struggle to keep possession of the ball, with many balls skimming our fingers and either going off the side line or being picked up by the opposition.  When we find our shooters, the goals are on target, but maintaining possession in our attack is an issue and the opening quarter ends with Wodson leading 14-4.

A change at quarter time sees Holly Bennett take the WA position and Yas Rogers taking the WD, resulting in Neave Parsons and Louise Merrick taking the bench.  The team are told to snatch in to secure the ball and to try to hold on to possession of it.  The team take heed of the advice and the quarter starts well with both teams scoring consistently, resulting in the quarter score starting as 6-7 to Wodson.  However, Wodson then tighten up and take the next 5 goals, before Omega get back into their flow.  The Wodson GA finds her partner GS in the circle, popping the ball to her at every opportunity and their accuracy is rewarded each time.   Great inter-passing is seen between the shooter, Ellie and Lauren and they are once again accurate in their shooting. The solid support from the circle edge players, Holly and Neave allows them to also feed in and out to gain a better shooting position.  A much improved quarter from the team, with the quarter score of 7-14  to Wodson and a half time score of 11-28.

Another change at half time sees Shannon Mooney and Lauren Lee taking the bench and Louise returning to WA and Neave working with Millie in the defence circle as GK.    Having watched the Wodson ball popping from the GA to GS, Neave is aware of the need to communicate with Millie to help close this down.  As with the rest of the game, some great linking is visible with the court play, linking the ball well all down the court, however Wodson are a tough opposition and again punish every error Omega make, increasing their lead each time.  Omega try to out-run there players instead of using a change of direction, which allows Wodson to steal many a ball.  The quarter ends with a game score of 16-40 to Wodson.

The final quarter and the final change, reverting the team back to their starting positions.   This is the best quarter for Omega with more displays of great inter-passing from the shooters and some controlled play all the way down court.  Millie is on fire this quarter, intercepting on several occasions in our defensive end, helping to keep the opposition’s score down to a minimum.   The score this quarter is 7-9 to Wodson, so a closer quarter.     The game ends with a final score of 23-49, however this score does not reflect the court play.

Player of the match is awarded to Lauren Ahern by the opposition…well done Lauren.

The team are now consistently scoring in the twenty’s every game and many umpires are commenting on the improvement they see in their play.  Keep going girls…’s definitely coming together!

Omega 1 vs Tegate 1 – Sunday 4th November 2018

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Omega 1 vs Tegate 4th Nov 2018

Omega faced their second away game of the season against local rivals Tegate. For the first time this season we had a full squad of 9 to choose from, therefore lots of combinations and options were available. Starting 7 was GK: Phoebe, GD: Claire, WD: Hannah, C: Megan, WA: Sophie, GA: Natalie, GS: Charlotte, with Leigh and Lucy heading up the subs bench.

Before the game started we spoke about starting the first quarter strong, blowing away our opponents from the beginning. This was a major part of our success from last season and we wanted to continue with that. Tegate had the first centre and they took it straight to goal, which was then followed by Omega scoring making it 1-1. Omega go on a slight run with Megan intercepting the ball and Omega passing it down to Charlotte who scores, making it 3-1. The defence picks off many intercepts but Omegas shooters fail to convert on every occasion, however we end the quarter 14-9. A great first quarter for Omega, doing exactly what we said before we stepped onto court.

The second quarter saw Leigh take the GD bib and Lucy taking the C bib. Claire and Megan take the bench to have a rest and watch the game. Tegate again start this quarter with a fast feed from their GA to GS to secure the next goal. A missed shot by Natalie then sees Tegate take the next goal, however Omega then turn over Tegates next centre pass and score. Lots of missed passes this quarter but Hannah wins the ball back in the centre third, however Charlotte fails to convert. Tegates WD breaks on their centre pass and Charlotte converts after gaining her own rebound. Tight marking from the defence sees Phoebe collect a missed shot from Tegates GS and Omega convert. Leigh tips the ball on Tegates centre pass and a chase for the ball sees it in Omegas hands and we score. Again Leigh intercepts the ball however is unbalanced and passes it straight to Tegates WA but Omega manages to win it back. Last few seconds remain but Charlotte footwork’s in the circle (due to a nudge by the defence however this was not seen) but Hannah intercepts the ball just as the whistle it called. This quarter ends 29 – 18 to Omega.

Heading into quarter three with an 11 goal difference we made some more changes. Claire taking the WD bib and Megan back on at WA. Hannah and Sophie take the subs bench for a well earnt rest. We were asked to perform with the same intensity as we knew Tegate weren’t going to give up easily. Tegate starts the quarter again but tight defence around the circle edge sees Tegates WA get called for held ball, but the ball is then won back by Tegate and they score. Tegates GA attempts an “off the post” back line but misses the post and Phoebe picks up the loose ball but we again fail to keep possession. Tegates WA picks up a caution in this quarter and a good feed in from Lucy to Natalie sees Natalie slot away the goal. This quarter ends 44-34 to Omega.

Going into the last 15 minutes we knew it was going to be tight as a 10 goal lead in netball can quickly be turned around. Claire takes the GK bib, Hannah comes back on at WD, Megan takes the C bib and Sophie comes back on at WA. This sees Phoebe and Lucy take the bench. Omega start this quarter and had to really control the ball as Tegate put on a zonal mark, but superb control and discipline see Omega secure the goal. Tegates defence  intercepts the ball however footwork is called and a great feed from Megan into Charlotte sees us add another goal to our tally. A few errors from both sides sees the ball go back and forward however on the final whistle Omega take all 5 points, denying their opponents an extra point for getting within 5. Final score 56-47.

Another great display from the whole squad this weekend. As a newly formed and promoted team into division 1 to get 3 wins out of our first 4 is a fantastic achievement for the club. We hope this fine form continues. Massive thanks yet again to our wonderful supporters who are there week in week out cheering us on and pushing us over the finishing line. Our next game is a home game against Eastwood on 18 November.

Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 – Saturday 27th October 2018

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Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 on Saturday 27th October 2018 - Herts League Div 1

Today, Omega 2  meet Turnford 4 who are 2 places above them on the Division table.   For the 1st time this season, Omega have 9 players at the game, so a rota for the game play in preparation.  The opposition are very tall and have a player who usually plays Premier League, still playing in defense for the team, so Omega realise this will be a tough game.  As an umpire fails to appear for the game, Carole Titmuss is asked to umpire to allow the game to go ahead.  Omega accept this decision as the only other option is for Andrea Kinninmonth to drop from our defence to do it, but we are already short in this area of the court.

Umpire, Nikki starts the game with Omega take the opening centre pass and the opening goal of the game.  Turnford are first to take a lead as Omega attempt to feed overhead balls to our shooters, but the Turnford defenders are tall and manage to take possession.  The game is close in the opening quarter, with neither team able to make a break to take a clear lead.  The court play from both teams is matched, as is the accuracy of the shooting.   The quarter ends with Turnford having a 1-goal lead and a score of 15-14 to them.

The first change to the squad sees Molly Brett take the WD position from her sister, Ruby and for the 1st time this season, Emma Faulkner taking the court, picking up the WA position from Leanne Mansfield.   The team are reminded to not be tempted with overheads into our shooters and to play the ball safely in.   The team return to court, ready to fight for the game and this they succeed in doing.   The team are composed as they control the ball down the court and a couple of intercepted balls helps us turn the game.  The final few seconds of the 1st half of the game and it’s Omega’s centre pass.  Aware of the limited time, Omega attack are quick to pass the ball into GS,  Hannah Brown, who secures the goal just on the whistle, giving Omega a 1 goal advantage to go into the 2nd half, with a score of 30-29 to Omega.

The decision at half time is to go off rota, to allow the team to settle and progress their lead.    The 3rd quarter continues to see some great play from both teams, but Omega has the edge and manage to win possession of the ball from their opposition more, managing to increase the lead by 8 goals, however Turnford fight back hard, clawing back the goals to equalise 38-38 with only a few minutes remaining of the quarter.    Omega up their game for the remaining time, preventing their opposition from scoring further goals and a deja vu moment occurs….with less than 15 seconds on the clock, it’s Omega’s centre pass and once again, the attack succeed in getting the ball safely to Hannah, who secures the goal on the whistle.

The final quarter and the team are up by 5 goals with a score of 43-38.  Emma Faulkner takes the bench once more and Leanne returns to WA.  Ruby opts to remain on the bench, to avoid too many changes.  The team talk about the fact that the lead they have only took a couple of minutes to gain and are fully aware that their opposition could do the same to steal the game in the final quarter.   The team return to court, ready to play safe and the quarter starts.   This quarter sees our shooters being called for contact on 4 occassions,  yet throughout the rest of the game they have not been called for this infringement!  This is a game changer for the teams as 4 contact calls allows Turnford to secure these 4 goals from our attack play and also score 4 on their own centre pass, giving them the lead they need, which they succeed in doing.   The team are disheartened with the calls made against them which they feel are unjust.  These infringement decisions cost Omega the game as Turnford steal it with a final score of 51-56 to Turnford.

Omega look forward to the return match, with the aim of evening the result.




Omega 1 vs Rookies

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Omega 1 vs Rookies on Sunday 21st October 2018

The game got off to a rocky start. Omega had the first centre pass, but get a held ball at the circle. Omega win the ball back again to score. Rookies take their centre pass, an interception by C, Lucy Hoskin, see Omega take the ball down court with some great links by all. A miss by GA, Natalie Faal, means Rookies take the ball to score. Tight marking by Omega’s defence forces Rookies to throw the ball of the sideline. Omega Equalise 2-2. GS, Charlotte Jordan, misses the next shot and Rookies score from it. Omega then lose their centre pass as Rookies WD makes an interception, and they score. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, tips a feed into the circle by Rookies and GK, Phoebe Gillen, picks it up but the ball is lost again at Omega’s circle edge. Rookies then miss a shot; Phoebe picks up the rebound. The ball is lost again on a pass between Charlotte and Lucy across the circle. Rookies try to get the ball back the their GS, but Phoebe makes another interception. The ball makes it to Omega’s circle edge, but a feed in is fumbled. Rookies take the free pass and end that little back and forth tennis match with a goal. WD, Hannah Sell, picks up a loose ball but it is thrown away by Omega meaning Rookies score another goal. Tight marking by Omega on the next centre pass, and Rookies throw the ball off court. Omega use this and score. In the last 25 seconds Rookies take a centre pass, but Omega can’t stop another goal. Omega are down 10-12 at the end of the first quarter.

Omega starts the 2nd quarter. A throw from GS, Charlotte Jordan goes straight into the hands of the Rookies WD. Fortunately the WD goes offside and Omega get the ball back, but it is immediately intercepted by the Rookies GD. Rookies GS misses. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, gets the rebound, a lob into the circle by WA, Megan Pryde, is intercepted and Rookies score again. A pass from Omega’s C, Sophie Cockrill, is tipped, but Megan picks up the loose ball, the ball is lost again and Rookies score again. Rookies make an error trying to get the ball into the circle and it goes off the backline. Omega uses this opportunity to take a goal. Omega makes an interception in defence, but go on to make the same error as Rookies and a feed into the circle goes off the backline and Rookies go on to score. Megan goes offside feeding into the circle and Rookies get another chance to score, they miss and GK, Phoebe Gillen, gets the rebound. Footwork by Charlotte sees the ball coming back to Rookies circle, but Leigh intercept a feed into the shooters, GA, Natalie Faal misses a shot and Rookies end up taking the goal. Rookies lose the opportunity to score when their GS uses the post to stop her falling off court, and Omega score. A great feed from Natalie in mid court to Charlotte in the circle means Omega scores another goal. Two good feeds from Megan to Charlotte gain Omega another two goals. A Rookies error on the goal line and a shot from Natalie scores Omega another but goal, but its not enough and Omega are still down 23-27 at half time.

Rookies start the 3rd quarter and score. Omega lose the ball as GS, Charlotte Jordan back passes and WD, Sophie Cockrill, contacts. But Omega wins back the ball to score. GK, Phoebe Gillen, intercepts a feed in to the shooters but it is wasted as the ball goes off our goal line. WA, Megan Pryde intercepts mid court but again it is lost at the circle edge. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, gets pulled for contact, but Omega still goes on to score. Sophie picks up a caution for persistent contact. Phoebe gets a rebound but the ball is lost mid court with a pass by C, Lucy Hoskin. Lucy then picks up a caution for persistent contact. Phoebe intercepts the ball with 5 minutes to go and Omega equalise 33-33. Rookies WA receives a caution for persistent contact. Rookies intercept a back pass from GA, Natalie Faal and they score. A bad pass and an intercepted centre pass see Rookies take 2 more goals. Omega are still down at the end of the quarter 35-37.

Omega starts the final quarter well. GS, Charlotte Jordan, scores a goal with a throw off the post from the back line. GK, Phoebe Gillen makes an interception and Omega score again. 4 minutes in an omega have equalised 40-40. Omega takes the next centre pass but Charlotte misses for the lead. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds gets a rebound. Rookies GD gets a caution for persistent contact and Omega score. WD, Sophie Cockrill picks up a wild pass and Omega score again. Rookies GK is given a warning. GA, Natalie Faal misses a shot and Rookies take the ball to score. Leigh is then given a caution for persistent contact. With 4 minutes to go Omega take a 1 goal lead. Rookies GS goes off court with a bad pass and Omega take advantage of this. A bad pass is stolen back by Sophie and taken to goal. After being behind for the whole match Omega come away with a 52-49 win and some very relieved spectators.