Omega Youths vs Panthers – Saturday 2nd March 2019

Youths vs Panthers 2nd March 2019

Omega Youths faced experience team Panthers in the Herts & District League at Wodson Park on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

Having worked on the defensive skills for the past four weeks, Omega were told to remember to tightly mark their player, 2-hand mark and delay the attacker from  moving forward with the aim of forcing errors and gaining as many interceptions as possible.

Although the first half of the game was not as tight as they should have been defensively, the team increased their pressure throughout the game, resulting in the defensive players, GD/GK, Millie Pickard and  Neave Parsons tipping the ball, intercepting the feeds and winning the rebounds consistently throughout the game to give their team the opportunity to increase their score.  WD, Rachel Toye was positioned well at the top of the circle enabling her to pick up the tipped balls from the defenders, securing more chances for the team.

On the other side of the court, the shooting from GA, Lauren Ahern was on form, achieving 70% conversion of her shots throughout the game and gaining 73% of the total goals scored for her team.  Her partner in crime, GS, Yasmin Rogers demonstrated great understanding of teamwork, swinging the ball from the circle edge, across to the supporting WA, Louise Merrick or C, Shannon Mooney, to feed Lauren into a better position for shooting.   The attack play worked really well at times in our shooting third, with some very good use of the circle edge players and feeds into the shooters, although on some occasions, some more thought was needed on the type of pass needed for the situation presented as several were intercepted by the tall Panthers defenders.

Although the team turned-over many a ball, their ability to hold on to it as they came down court was lacking, with the opposition reading the pass and intercepting it and Panthers took back the balls that Omega have won from them, making our turnovers, short-lived.

Some displays of great play were seen in this game, but also some things to work on such as reaction, alertness and speed. Likewise some work on understanding which pass suits the situation.

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