Omega Youths vs Hornets – Sat 15th Sept 2018

By September 16, 2018Local League Match Reports
Youths vs Hornets 15th Sept 2018 - HDNL

Their second game of the new season and Omega Youths meet Hornets 1 in the HDNL fixtures.   With one of the reserves being called in to work at short notice, Holly Bennett steps up as reserve and Paul Merrick obliges as scorer.  An additional change to the team mid-week with Ellie Reynolds set to play out of position at WA, due to another work call.

The team take the court and struggle to maintain ball ownership to find their shooters and Hornets capitalise on the pressure they apply, taking a swift lead.    Omega take time to settle and show signs of fatigue early in the game, with a request to leave the court at the first interval, but show flashes of controlled play.  Advice is  given to the team on ball placement, confidence  to shoot when in the shooting circle and  timing the move for the pass.

With reserves, Holly Bennett and Rachel Toye taking the court at C and WD for the 2nd quarter and some advise given by their coaches, the team are a little more controlled, but Hornets prove a tough opposition once more as they increase their lead in the game further.

Millie Pickard and Louise Merrick return to court in the 3rd quarter with rested legs, replacing Jodie Gill at GD and Ellie Reynolds at WA.  The team think about their passing more, and some steady and solid play is evident, with GK Lauren Lee reading the ball well and picking up some great balls through interception in the circle.

The final quarter and the final change to the squad sees Ellie Reynolds taking the centre position, a position unfamiliar to Ellie and never played in a game before, but she takes up the challenge with gusto and provides a solid link in the mid court.  Additionally, Jodie Gill returns to court, replacing Rachel and the rested legs result in more controlled feet.  The final score for the game is 39-14 to Hornets.

Evidence of some solid play during the game with longer passes and movement into space is encouraging.    Fitness is key for working on in the coming weeks, along with circle holding and marking…some key pointers for training!

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