Omega Youths vs Bury – Saturday 23rd February 2019

By February 23, 2019Local League Match Reports
Omega Youths vs Bury Saturday 23rd February 2018

Omega Youths face experienced team, Bury in the Herts & District Local Netball League today.    The opening quarter saw some controlled play from Omega with matched court play and shooting from both teams.  A great interception by C, Shannon Mooney, who fed the ball straight to her GS, Yas Rogers to reward with the shot.   More interceptions by GD, Millie Spires, but these often short lived as an error followed the possession win.  Shooting from Omega’s Lauren Ahern and Yas Rogers was on point as they matched the goals gained by their opposition, resulting in a score of 9-9 by the end of the first quarter.

Second quarter saw Bury settle into their game and the experienced play shine through.  More great interceptions were won by Millie, but as soon as the ball was won, the opposition  won back the ball due to weak or mis-placed passing by the Omega team.   The team struggled to loose their markers and with passing direct to the player instead of the space, the opposition read the ball well and intercepted the ball at every opportunity.

The third quarter saw Omega struggle to bring the ball to their shooters, with the players once again failing to loose their markers and often moving the ball sideways or backwards due to player positioning, making it easier for the experience team to turnover possession and securing the goals at each opportunity gained.   Some good two hand marking of the pass was seen by all players this quarter and some good reading of the play by Shannon mid-court and defenders Millie and Neave, however possession gained was short-lived each time.

The final quarter, as usual a quick one due to central timing.  WA, Ellie Reynolds intercepts the ball from Bury and thinks about her next pass, feigning the pass in to GA Lauren Ahern, before securing it to her, which Lauren converts with her usual accuracy in the shot.  GK, Neave Parsons intercepts a couple of feeds to the shooters this quarter, but Omega are unable to keep possession and Bury gain control each time, before taking it to goal.

Some good play evident, particularly in the first quarter, but the need to loose markers and improve ball placement is something to work on for future games.

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