Omega Youth vs Wodson Cyan – Saturday 26th January 2019

By February 2, 2019Local League Match Reports
Youths vs Wodson Cyan on Saturday 26th January 2018

Omega Youths met Wodson Cyan for the 2nd half of the fixtures at Wodson Park.  Both teams being youth teams, it was great to have the opportunity to play against a similar age-group team.

Omega took the 1st couple of goals of the game, starting really well and in the first quarter both teams were matched in their performance and equalising on scores by the end of the quarter, 9-9.

The 2nd quarter was again one of similar performance from both teams, but with Wodson Cyan just having the edge and leading by half time 22-16.

The 3rd quarter saw Wodson Cyan taking advantage of the height of their shooter, perfecting the loop ball, high feeds into the circle, allowing them to build on their lead as Omega defence being that much shorter, could not intercept the pass, resulting in the score going into the final quarter of 21-35.

The final quarter was short as usual, however a switch of the Omega defence to match the height of the shooter, allowed them to contain and limit Wodson’s feeding options.  Both teams equalised on score this quarter, with a final score of 40-26 to Wodson Cyan.

Omega were lacking their centre court players, resulting in an unpracticed setup midcourt, but Jodie Gill and Neave Parsons put in all their effort and covered the role well between them.   The whole team defended well throughout the entire game, with mid court players Rachel Toye, Louise Merrick, Neave and Jodie intercepting many more balls than seen in previous matches, but these were often short-lived as they were unable to maintain ball ownership to goal.  Lauren Lee in GK  and Yas Rogers in GD, managed to closely mark the circle players, resulting in winning many rebounds for the team.

Some superb and accurate shooting by Ellie Reynolds and Lauren Ahern and tight defending by Yas Rogers in the final quarter as GK.   A performance the team should be proud of and definitely an improvement in the whole team’s defending play.    Well done team!

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