Omega Youths vs Wodson Aqua – Saturday, 17th Nov 2018

By November 17, 2018Local League Match Reports
Omega Youths vs Wodson Aqua - Saturday 17th November 2018

After a couple of good results on the last two Monday night games, with a win against Cheshunt 6 and a draw last week against Flames, we’re ready to give Wodson Aqua a good game.

The starting seven are GS – Ellie Reynolds, GA – Lauren Ahern, WA – Louise Merrick, C – Shannon Mooney, WD – Neave Parsons, GD – Millie Pickard and GK – Lauren Lee, with Holly Bennett and Yasmin Rogers on the bench.

The first quarter doesn’t start as well as we’d like, with Wodson Aqua managing to secure the ball into their shooters consistently and the shooters accurately scoring the goals, whilst Omega struggle to keep possession of the ball, with many balls skimming our fingers and either going off the side line or being picked up by the opposition.  When we find our shooters, the goals are on target, but maintaining possession in our attack is an issue and the opening quarter ends with Wodson leading 14-4.

A change at quarter time sees Holly Bennett take the WA position and Yas Rogers taking the WD, resulting in Neave Parsons and Louise Merrick taking the bench.  The team are told to snatch in to secure the ball and to try to hold on to possession of it.  The team take heed of the advice and the quarter starts well with both teams scoring consistently, resulting in the quarter score starting as 6-7 to Wodson.  However, Wodson then tighten up and take the next 5 goals, before Omega get back into their flow.  The Wodson GA finds her partner GS in the circle, popping the ball to her at every opportunity and their accuracy is rewarded each time.   Great inter-passing is seen between the shooter, Ellie and Lauren and they are once again accurate in their shooting. The solid support from the circle edge players, Holly and Neave allows them to also feed in and out to gain a better shooting position.  A much improved quarter from the team, with the quarter score of 7-14  to Wodson and a half time score of 11-28.

Another change at half time sees Shannon Mooney and Lauren Lee taking the bench and Louise returning to WA and Neave working with Millie in the defence circle as GK.    Having watched the Wodson ball popping from the GA to GS, Neave is aware of the need to communicate with Millie to help close this down.  As with the rest of the game, some great linking is visible with the court play, linking the ball well all down the court, however Wodson are a tough opposition and again punish every error Omega make, increasing their lead each time.  Omega try to out-run there players instead of using a change of direction, which allows Wodson to steal many a ball.  The quarter ends with a game score of 16-40 to Wodson.

The final quarter and the final change, reverting the team back to their starting positions.   This is the best quarter for Omega with more displays of great inter-passing from the shooters and some controlled play all the way down court.  Millie is on fire this quarter, intercepting on several occasions in our defensive end, helping to keep the opposition’s score down to a minimum.   The score this quarter is 7-9 to Wodson, so a closer quarter.     The game ends with a final score of 23-49, however this score does not reflect the court play.

Player of the match is awarded to Lauren Ahern by the opposition…well done Lauren.

The team are now consistently scoring in the twenty’s every game and many umpires are commenting on the improvement they see in their play.  Keep going girls…’s definitely coming together!

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