Omega C vs Cheshunt 2 – 10th Sept 2016

By September 11, 2016Local League Match Reports

Omega were unlucky to loose their first game to Cheshunt 2 in the Broxbourne and District Netball League, by 1 goal.

Their first game was a wet and slippery one, resulting in the first and second quarters being a bit frantic, with both new and existing players finding their feet after the summer break.   By half time, Omega were down by half the score.

In the third and fourth quarters, the game flowed much better.  The team slowed down the play and gave shorter passes, working the ball from the defence to the attack more skilfully.

The team showed great teamwork throughout the game, supporting and encouraging eachother at all times.  They fought hard to close the gap, finishing the game with just one goal in it!

A big thank you to Anna Rogers, for playing out of position in the defensive circle to help the team out, and welcome back to Emma Faulkner, who played her first game after returning from knee injuries.

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