Omega 2 vs Watford Premier – Sunday 28th January 2018

By January 28, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Watford Prem

Omega 2 took on top of the table, Watford Premier in the Herts League, Division 2, re-arranged game this weekend.  With a bare 7 squad facing the top spot team, Omega were anxious ahead of the game, but this was not evident as they took the court and opened the game with a straight 4-0 lead, continuing to increase their lead to 9-1 in the opening minutes, showing the opposition we were determined to fight for the game.  The team played a controlled game, seeing every one of their centre passes converted to goal, with fantastic shooting by both GS, Hannah Brown and GA, Sophie Humphry.  They took advantage of errors made by Watford Prem and punished the opposition at every opportunity, showing them we were determined to put on a good show and were up for taking the game.   The solid play by the entire team in the first quarter gave Omega a comfortable lead to go into the 2nd quarter, with a score of 17-7.

The 2nd quarter and Omega are as solid as they were in the 1st.   Great, consistent support from the WD, Molly Brett and GD, Andrea Kinninmonth on our centre passes allowed Omega to maintain ownership of the ball, playing the safe ball forward until we found our shooters, who persistently converted their shots.  The team continued to support each-other and work together throughout with some superb linking midcourt by all players and strong feeds from C, Emma Faulkner and WA, Lisa  Short

to finish off.  An injury to GK, Louise Cousins’ back mid quarter saw her calling time and leaving the court for treatment.  She returned to court after a goal, but was extremely limited in her movement from then on and the team knew they all had to give that little bit more to take the pressure off their injured player.   We continued to increase our lead, scoring 16 goals this quarter and limiting Watford Prem to 11, ending the 1st half of the game 33-18.

The team returned to court for the 2nd half of the game, believing the win was in sight, but knew they needed to maintain control and continue to play as they had in the 1st half.   Molly Brett at WD read the ball well, intercepting many a ball, helping the team to once again increase their lead this quarter.   The whole team continue to play a controlled game throughout the quarter, with dogged support from the defence players to take the ball to goal.  Once again Omega limit their opposition to 13 goals, scoring 16 themselves.  A comfortable cushion going into the final quarter, with a score of 49-31.

By the final quarter playing with an injured player was beginning to take it’s toll, with the team looking tired and unable to hold onto the ball as they had in the rest of the game.  This said, everyone continued to give it their all and did not give up.  Watford Prem took advantage of Omega’s weiriness, clawing back some goals, but by now it was too late and the final score was 60-48 to Omega.  This has put Omega 2nd on the table, to AFN, who Omega have yet to play.    We wish Louise a speedy recovery for next weeks game against Bishops Stortford.

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