Omega 2 vs Turnford 5 – Sunday 21st January 2018

By January 21, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 - Sunday 21st Jan 2018

With a squad of 8 for the game, the decision was made to rotate the team each quarter to allow all players a fair share of the game.   Omega started the game with confidence and maybe a little complacency having previously beaten the opposition 92-25 and this was evident in the first quarter.  Some different faces in the Turnford team and they started with determination, giving Omega a wake up call as they held their own in the opening half of the quarter, even taking the lead in the first few minutes.  Omega began to settle but took their time in doing so, allowing Turnford to stay in the game, with a score of 14-9 at the end of the 1st quarter.

A swift talking to by the coach in the break to sharpen up our passing and play, followed by a change in attack, with Emma Faulkner taking up the GA position and Sophie Humphry replacing her on the bench and the team return to court.   This quarter the team get back to their game and begin to move the ball down the court with better control and skill.  The shooters position themselves well in the circle and are supported well with great feeds in from the mid-court players.  Omega own the ball from centre pass to goal consistently and score double the goals of the opposition as the defence are tight and keep Turnford down to just 8 goals scored, leaving the score 30- 17 to Omega by half time.

Another change to the attack for the 3rd quarter, sees GS, Hannah Brown take the bench and Sophie returning to court, taking up the position.    The rotation play and inter-passing between the shooters in the circle is sweet, as is the support from the attacking players.     The team have tightened their passing throughout the court and drive towards the ball much more.  Another great quarter for Omega, scoring another 17 goals this quarter and the defence once again have limited Turnford to just 7 goals.

The final quarter, a comfortable lead and the final change to the Omega team sees Lisa Short take the bench, Emma move to centre, Sophie move back to GA and Hannah return to GS.   The start of the quarter and Turnford are not perturbed by the score, continuing to fight for the ball and take it to goal at every opportunity.    A steady quarter for Omega to end what has been a more challenging game than expected, against a much changed and improved Turnford team.   Some great netball displayed throughout the latter three quarters,  to combat the scrappy start.  A final score of 60-33 to Omega, taking them into 3rd position on the table, which shows them as the only Division 2 team that have scored over 500 goals to date.

A tough game next week, facing top of the table, Watford Prem.  Let’s hope the 2018 winning streak continues!

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