Omega 2 vs Shelley – Sunday 2nd April 2017

Omega 2 vs Shelley - 2nd April 2017

The final Herts County game for Omega 2 and they are playing Shelley.  The team for the whole game is Hannah Brown – GS; Leanne Mansfield – GA; Claire Statham – WA; Lisa Short – C; Molly Brett – WD; Julie Stanbridge – GD and Louise Cousins – GK.

Omega look strong as they start the game and although they make many errors, they win possession of the ball from their opponents many more times to allow them to take a quick lead to the game.   A missed shot by Omega and the opportunity for a turnaround for Shelley, but a tip to the ball on the edge of the shooting circle by Claire, sees the ball back in Hannah’s possession, who quickly converts it as has become to be expected of her.  The team are slow to settle into their positions and ever-changing combinations, but nevertheless, the first quarter ends with a solid 9 goal lead for Omega, with the score 13-4 in their favour.

The second quarter and Omega are much more into the game, with fluid linking of the ball right the way down the court, finished by superb feeds into the shooting circle by Leanne, Lisa and Claire and accurate goal conversion.  We see a fantastic feed from Molly from way deep in the centre third, finding Hannah with precision, who rounds off the goal in her usual manner.    The final 10 seconds of the game and the ball is fed into Hannah, who misses the shot, but has gained a penalty due to a contact, and the final goal of the half sees the scores at 34 – 11 to Omega.

Omega look confident and relaxed as they take the court for the second half of the game.  Excellent defensive play by the team and particularly Molly, Julie and Louise results in a couple of held balls by Shelley and no goals being converted by the opposition until the final 5 minutes of the quarter.   A deflection by Molly in the centre third sees the ball roll quickly down into our shooting third and picked up by Hannah, who once again takes advantage of the won possession.  The final 12 seconds of the quarter and it’s Omega’s goal line throw-in.  They skilfully link the ball in a very controlled manner, quickly and smoothly down court, finding Leanne who scores the goal just before the whistle ends the quarter.

Going into the final quarter, Omega have a massive lead with the score 52-16 to start the quarter.    Leanne uses the support of her attack around the shooting circle with fantastic movement and passing to work herself into a good shooting position in this quarter.  The team keep up the pace to the end of the game and win the game 66-22.

A great season for the Omega 2 team, who end the season as Division 3 winners, which is greatly deserved.  The accuracy of the shooters this season has resulted in a massive 1034 goals, which we’ve never seen before!   This is not achieved in isolation as the defensive play and skilled ball control by the rest of the team has allowed them to turnover the possession of the ball to allow the extra attempts at goal conversion.  Well done Omega 2 and we look forward to your next season in Division 2 at Sir Fred’s.

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