Omega 2 vs SAS Reds – Sunday 8th January 2017

The start of the new year and the return of Leanne Mansfield to the team after an ankle injury earlier in the season.  The Omega team continue their high scoring game from their final pre-Christmas game, scoring 16 goals in the first quarter.   The team defend well, winning the ball on several occasions from their opposition, limiting their score to just 4 goals by end of the quarter.

They continue in the same vein in the 2nd quarter.  Omega welcome the return of Leanne, who settles back into the game as if she’s never been away.  They continue to grow their lead throughout the quarter, increasing it immensely to a 21 goal lead by the end of the first half.

A team change mid-game, sees Leanne resting for the remainder of the game, with Jody Francis taking the court at wing defence and Molly Brett moving forward to wing attack.   With players now out of position and the team taking time to adjust, SAS seize the opportunity to fight back, almost doubling their game score by end of the quarter.  Omega maintain and yet again, increase their lead, scoring 25% more goals than their opposition, leaving the score 43-19 by the end of the 3rd quarter.

The huge gap is too much of a task for the opposition, so they set their goal to gain 1 point on the score-board.  The court play is more evenly matched with SAS determined to achieve their target.  SAS work hard  and their efforts pay off, achieving their targeted half score by end of the game.   The final score is 56-31, allowing Omega maintain their top of the table position, whilst further increasing their goal difference to a fantastic 234 goals!

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