Omega 2 vs SAS – 11th Sept 2016

By September 11, 2016Herts League Match Reports

What a start to the season!  When SAS missed the shot to convert their first goal, Omega was quick to capitalise on the rebound by Louise Cousins.   Omega then lost their first centre pass, but it was quickly won back by Claire Statham and converted to a goal.  SAS failed to convert their second centre pass, with the ball crossing the goal line, so Omega took advantage of the error, bringing the ball safely down court and converting it to a goal, once again.  The first quarter saw Omega displaying strong defensive play, with many an interception from GD, Julie Stanbridge, WD, Claire Statham and even GA, Leanne Mansfield, all winning the ball comfortably.   The attack settled in well with fantastic linking of play from centre court into the shooting circle by Leanne Mansfield, finished with consistently strong shooting by Hannah Brown.  The 1st quarter ended 16-6 , with Omega taking the lead.

The start of the second quarter saw SAS coming out fighting and matching the Omega court play equally.  Slowly, Omega settled back into the game and with fantastic feeding from WA, Lisa Short and C, Queenie Pearce, they began to increase their lead.    Again, Omega took advantage of forced errors by SAS, with Claire Statham picking up more interceptions to turn the game over.    The SAS defenders were becoming frustrated with the strong positioning, control and finishing by the Omega GS, Hannah Brown, but Omega kept control of the game, increasing their lead by half time, taking the score to 14-27 to Omega.

In  the third quarter, SAS were fighting back once again, converting their first centre pass, but Omega responded by  taking the next three goals.   Omega were consistent in successfully winning every rebound at both ends of the court, resulting in a further increase in their lead by end of the third quarter, taking the score to 21-43 to Omega.

In the 4th quarter, Omega continued to capitalise on errors made and displayed great control of the ball in moving it towards their goal.  An awesome display of netball with great skill demonstrated by the whole team, resulting in the final score being Omega 54 – SAS 24.

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