Omega 2 vs Hornets – Sunday 19th Feb 2017

By February 19, 2017Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 Squad

The rematch between Omega 2 and Hornets and having lost the game the first time round, Omega were keen to even the score, with all 10 squad players making an appearance for the game.  Tight defence in the 1st quarter by GK, Louise Cousins, GD Lindsey Light and WD Molly Brett, intercepting and winning the ball 9 times between them allowing Omega several additional opportunities to score, but many errors on the attack with force the feed and bad passing, counteract this.  However Omega hold create a 5 goal lead by end of the quarter with the score at 14-9.

A change in the Omega attack at quarter time and the team take the court, but Hornets are on the fight back.  Omega’s defence is not quite as strong this quarter and Hornets shooters are very accurate and they begin to close the gap in the scores.    The errors continue in the Omega attacking play and the game is scrappy, which Hornets take advantage of.  They close the gap by half time to just 1 goal, with the score 21-20 to go into the 2nd half of the game.

At half time, Omega make some team changes in an attempt to change the team dynamics, changing Julie Stanbridge into GK, Claire Statham into GD and also allowing WA, Leanne Dickens to leave the court through illness, replaced by Queenie Pearce.   Not so many errors, with more controlled play in this quarter and the defence tightening once more.  Omega finally settle into the game, but Hornets match them goal for goal until the final few minutes, when Omega take a lead of 3 goals to end the quarter 39-36.

Bringing Leanne back on to court for the final quarter having rested a quarter, to replace GA, Anna Rogers, the rest of the team remain the same to avoid too many changes to a team that has started to change the game.   Hornets return to court not ready to concede the game.  In this final quarter, many balls are lost once again on the Omega attack play and Hornets punish them by converting every error into goals with accurate shooting.  Omega’s heads drop as they see Hornets taking and increasing the lead.  The score at the end of the game is 47-41 to Hornets.  A disappointing result for the Omega team, but all is not lost as they retain their top of the table place.  A tough match next, with the team facing Crosskeys, who are 2nd to Omega on the league table.

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