Omega 2 vs Hatfield Phoenix – 12th February 2017

By February 12, 2017Herts League Match Reports

Omega B’s turn out with a bare 7 players and a reserve on the bench from the C’s as a failsafe.  Knowing this would be a tough, close game, Omega were fraught in their play with miss-timed jumps and attempts at one-handed catching, many mistakes allowed Phoenix to take a quick lead of 4-2 in the first few minutes.  An interception by C, Lisa Short which was finished off with a goal by GA, Anna Rogers and followed by another goal from the next centre pass brought the game back to level scores.  The game was neck and neck, but Omega slowly gained composure.  A fantastic feed from WA, Leanne Dickens into GS, Hannah Brown, completed with a scored goal, meant Omega taking the lead.  Omega defence, GK, Louise Cousins, GD, Claire Statham and WD, Molly Brett worked hard to keep Omega in the game, with each winning possession from the opposition in an attempt to turn the game around.  A simple error with a foul-throw and Phoenix capitalised on this error, punishing Omega by levelling the score, but Omega continued to put the pressure on, ending the first quarter 13-11 in their favour.

Once again in the 1st half of the 2nd quarter, Omega’s play is frantic.  So many silly, simple errors gave Phoenix the chance they needed to own the game, levelling the scores at 16-16.   The game continues with levelling scores throughout the quarter.  Another interception by Lisa give Omega the opportunity to take the lead, but they fail to capitalise on this advantage and the quarter ends 22-21 to Phoenix.

The start of the 3rd quarter and the first 3 goals of the quarter are Omega’s, due to one of many steals from Molly on Hatfield’s centre pass.  Unfortunately, the next 2 goals are Phoenix’s, levelling the score once again. Omega dig deep in this quarter and the feeds from Leanne into Hannah result in Omega taking and increasing the lead throughout the quarter.  Phoenix look like they’re becoming disheartened as Omega keep working hard to take control of the game.  This was Omega’s quarter for sure and they increase their lead by 7 goals by the end of the quarter, with a score of 49-42.

The final quarter and Phoenix are not ready to give up the game.  They come back hard at Omega closing the gap slowly, but Omega are hungry for the win.  They maintain their composure to the end and although Phoenix won the quarter by one goal, Omega prevented them gaining 3 points on the league table,  holding on to a 6 goal lead to end the game 49-43.

A huge thank you goes to Emma Faulkner, who supported the team by sitting on the bench as a failsafe to cover those on court who had suffered with injury this week (and for sharing the agony of watching the closely fought team!)

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