Omega 2 vs Hatfield Pheonix – Sunday 23rd October 2016

By October 24, 2016Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Hatfield Pheonix

So, another great game for the Omega 2 team against Hatfield Pheonix.  It started with Hatfield attacking hard, converting their goals consistently, whilst Omega struggled to retain control of the ball.  Despite several interceptions by Omega’s centre court and defence players, the team made basic errors, negating their advantage and Hatfield took an early lead of 6 goals by end of the first quarter, leaving the score as 16-10.

Omega took to the court for the start of the second quarter, determined to get themselves back into the game.  With a tactical change in the Omega shooting circle allowing a target for some accurate feeds from the attack players, Omega picked up on their goals, winning the quarter 16-13, reducing the gap to 26-29 in Hatfield’s favour by half time.

Hatfield came back fighting and gave Omega a tough quarter, hunting the ball at every opportunity and winning possession on many occasions.  Omega struggled to contain Hatfield, but they didn’t give up.  The score going into the final quarter being 33-40 to Hatfield.

A motivation chat in the quarter and Omega are not ready to concede the game.  They take the court and work hard as a team to control their play and maintain possession of the ball.  This time, it’s Hatfield’s turn to struggle to contain Omega as they win 13 turnovers from Hatfield and are solid in their passing and feeding of the ball for the shooters to converted into much valued goals.  From starting the quarter 7 goals down, Omega quickly close the gap and turn the game in their favour, ending the game with a 2 goal lead and score of 50-48 to Omega.  A much deserved win with some spectacular netball in the final quarter.




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