Omega 2 vs Hatfield Doves – Sunday 16th October 2016

By October 16, 2016Herts League Match Reports

A great start to the game, with several interceptions by the defence players, Louise Cousins, Lindsey Light and Molly Brett, turning the game over to Omega’s advantage, coupled with strong, consistent shooting by Chloe D’Arcy and Hannah Brown gave Omega an early lead in the game.  The mid court players, Lisa Short and Emma Faulkner linked the ball well in to the shooting circle, finished off with superb inter-passing between the shooters and consistent conversion of goals resulted in the score by the end of the first quarter being 21 – 10 to Omega, giving Omega a comfortable 11 goal lead.

The start of the second quarter and Omega are off the boil.  Hatfield capitalise on the dip in play, reducing the gap in the score to just 5 goals and force Omega to make further errors.  Omega stabilized their play by mid quarter and began to regain composure.   Controlling the ball once more, they pulled back, retaining a 10 goal lead by half time.

A strategy change in the quarter chat sees Omega return to the court for the third quarter meaning business.  They turn the game around to their advantage with many interceptions, breaking down the Hatfield attack and this time they force Hatfield to make many errors.  The inter-passing between the Omega shooters was second to none and the shooting was spot on, both with around 90% accuracy in the quarter and scoring 25 goals between them.

With a lead of 31 goals, Omega come into the final quarter at a steady, controlled pace.  They take control of the game once more, gaining possession of the ball from Hatfield regularly throughout the quarter.  Fantastic feeds into the shooters by Emma Faulkner, using the ‘dummy’ and continued accurate shooting leaves Hatfield looking like they’re defeated before the end of the game.  Final score is 71 – 35 to Omega.  Some awesome netball and great teamwork demonstrated by the whole team, making an entertaining game to watch.  Well done team!


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