Omega 2 vs Hatfield Doves – Sunday 5th February 2017

By February 5, 2017Herts League Match Reports

The start of the game and Omega 2 have a sloppy start, with many simple errors made throughout the court, which Hatfield Doves are quick to capitalise on.  Some great feeds from mid court to the shooters and fantastic linking by GA, Leanne Dickens helps the play, but some accurate shooting by GS Hannah Brown, coupled with some solid reactions from Omega’s defence, Lindsey Light, Julie Stanbridge and Molly Brett, picking up some loose balls and rebounds allow Omega to remain in the game by the end of the quarter with Hatfield Doves taking a 2 goal lead.

12-14 to Doves going into the 2nd quarter and once again many silly mistake are made by Omega, forcing the pass, not meeting the ball and mis-timed movement, allowing Doves into the game.   The Omega defenders work hard, intercepting the passes and winning rebounds to give the team more chances to take control, but the team fail to maintain the ball to allow the much needed goals to be converted.  They fight hard to stay in the game, closing Doves’ lead to just 1 goal by half time, leaving the score 26-27 going into the 2nd half.

A team change at half time, results in WA Queenie Pearce leaving the court, replaced by Anna Rogers and a switch of GD and GK in  an attempt to change the team dynamics.  A strong team talk from the coach and the team return to court ready to fight for the game.  Although some improved play is seen, Omega win very little from Doves, with only one interception by C, Lisa Short and Doves prove tough to crack as they continue to pressure the Omega team and once again they increase their lead, this time by 6 goals by end of the 3rd quarter, with a score of 41-47 to Doves.

Hatfield try a team change in the final quarter and Omega try once more to change the team dynamics, with Louise Cousins taking over the GK position from Lindsey Light.  Omega are not ready to concede the game and mean business in the final quarter.  The changes made prove to be in Omega’s favour and they steadily close the gap in scores.  With minutes to the end of the game, Omega take their first lead, but this is quick lived as Hatfield score an equaliser.  The game continues with Omega taking a lead and the following Doves centre pass resulting in the equaliser.  Omega have a final chance to take the lead, but fail and Hatfield take advantage in the final minute, ending the game 55-54 to Doves.

A well fought game and great come-back by the Omega team.  They maintain their top table position and focus on the next game against Hatfield Phoenix on the 12th February.

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