Omega 2 vs Crosskeys

By November 20, 2016Herts League Match Reports

Another competitive Herts League game between top of the table Crosskeys and 2nd place Omega.  The game started with the teams knowing the impact of the result on the league table, so both teams fought hard to retain possession of the ball and convert the goals, equalling each other in game play throughout the quarter, which ends in a draw of 9 goals a piece.

Omega 2 v Crosskeys 3Crosskeys start the 2nd quarter with consistent shooting.  Omega break on a couple of their centre passes and Crosskeys take advantage of their error, creating a lead in scores in their favour.   Omega’s eye is off the ball for the start of the quarter, but they soon settle and capitalise on errors made by Crosskeys.  They begin to close the gap and an interception by Omega defence, followed by a quick feed of the ball into their shooting circle resulted in an equalising goal from Omega in the final minute of the quarter, with the score 21-21.

Neither team are ready to be defeated and both fight to control their play and convert their goals.   Some superb feeding into the shooters and solid goal scoring allowed Omega to take the lead for the first time in the game.  They hold onto their lead to close the 3rd quarter 35-32 in their favour.

A  focussed team talk in the final quarter, which the whole team took onboard and followed, allowed Omega to not only maintain their lead, but increase it radically.  Several interceptions by the defence players and solid team play, saw Omega take the top spot on the league table from their opponents, with a final score of 50 – 38 to Omega.

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