Omega 2 vs Crosskeys 2 16th Sept 2017

By September 17, 2017Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Crosskeys 16th Sept 2017

The second Herts County, Division 2 game of the season and the usual adrenaline is present.  The team take the court, as the winning team from their Monday night game, with subs Lisa Short and Andrea Kinninmonth on the bench.  They have a slightly fractious start and attempts to speed the ball to the shooters, sees the score at the end of the 1st quarter with Crosskeys one goal ahead with a score of 9-8.

Initial thoughts for the 2nd quarter, is to keep the team the same, however an ankle complaint sees GS Hannah Brown leave the court, Sophie Humphry moving to GS, Emma Faulkner moving from C to GA and Lisa Short picking up the C position…a 3 position change for the Omega attack…Leanne Dickens at WA being the only constant.   The team are slow to settle for the first half of the quarter, but begin to show some steady, determined play for the second half of it, with some great movement and positioning of GS, Sophie Humphry, allowing an easy feed of the ball from the attacking players.  The improved play by Omega levels the score at 20 goal each by half time.

The decision at half time is to continue the team as per the 2nd quarter.  The team starts well, but some simple errors allow the opposition take a lead on the game.  Crosskeys pick up the loose balls and intercept some forced passes made by Omega, allowing them to increase their lead by 5 goals by the end of the 3rd quarter.

The final quarter and the team revert to the positions at the start of the game, with Hannah Brown returning to the court and Lisa Short taking a seat on the bench.   The team have some goals to make up to close the gap.  They unsettle their opposition and manage to attain 4 turn-arounds with great defensive play from WD Molly Brett, GD Claire Statham and GK Louise Cousins, allowing them to close the gap to within just 2 goals with 5 minutes remaining and a potential win looks to be within their grap, but they fail to hold on to it.  Crosskeys capitalise on Omega’s many simple errors with their ball control and open the gap once more.  Omega win yet another chance, but again, fail to convert to goal, ending the game 40-48 to Crosskeys.


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