Omega 2 vs Crosskeys 2 – Sunday 14th January 2018

By January 14, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Crosskeys 2 14th Jan 2018

The 2nd game of the 2nd half of the Herts League fixtures and it’s a competitive game for Omega 2 against Crosskeys 2, both of whom are mid-table teams, so a battle was expected.    The starting 7 were GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Emma Faulkner; WD – Molly Brett; GD – Andrea Kinninmonth; GK and Captain – Louise Cousins; with Lisa Short on the bench.

With 4 of the 8-squad suffering from the affects of the night before and another with a heavy cold, Omega know it’s going to be a tough one….probably tougher than initially expected.  The first time out in the new kit and at a new venue and the team at least look good!    Both teams are keen to win and the quarter is evenly played, with both shooting circles consistent in converting the goals, so the game becomes a battle of the shooters.   Omega gain a couple of interceptions and manage to create a 2 goal lead by the end of the quarter.

The team chat reminds everyone of driving towards the pass and the team return to court to compete for the game.  The quarter is again fairly evenly matched, but Omega again win some interceptions, but many are short lived as Crosskeys read the passes and Omega allow them to steal back the ball by not doing as was discussed in the break.  The defence try hard to close down the Crosskeys GS, but the opposition attack manage to find her every time – one to practice at training!  Omega manage to maintain their lead, increasing it by another goal going into the 2nd half of the game, with the score at 31-28 by the half time whistle.

Another reminder from the Coach and captain on expected playing strategies and a change in attack with Lisa Short taking the court at WA and Leanne moving to the bench.  Some more frantic play and evenly matched netball from both teams, but Crosskeys take advantage of Omega’s errors this quarter and close the gap in the scores.  At one point, Omega go 3 down, but they are not ready to concede and fight to stay in the game.  By the end of the 3rd quarter, Omega manage to hold on to a 1 goal advantage to head into the final stage of the game.

Both teams return to the court desperate to take the game, but Omega take a more controlled approach to the game and penalise Crosskeys at every opportunity.  The final quarter sees the best game play from the whole Omega team, with great linkage down the entire court, superb feeds from the attacking players and a much more skilful display of netball.  The fantastic court play and feeds are finished perfectly with confident, consistent shooting by both shooters.  The final result sees Omega taking the 5 points for the table and they have limited their opposition to a single point by ending with a goal difference of 5 goals and a great score of 59-54!

Omega are on a promising winning streak for the start of 2018, with both the 1sts and 2nds taking their games yet again this weekend.  Let’s keep on this winning roll!

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