Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford – 15th October 2017

By October 16, 2017Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford 15th Oct 2017

We arrived at the game, knowing it would be a tough match, having never beaten Bishops Stortford before, however, determination and grit throughout the court play, resulted in Omega winning the game!

The shooting from GS, Hannah Brown and GA, Sophie Humphry was on point for the entire game,  with Hannah holding some glorious positioning and Sophie supporting mid-court throughout.  The team gelled and were creative with their passing.  Their confidence to work the ball around, paid off.

Starting at C for the first half of the game, Lisa Short constantly supported mid-court play and fed some great balls into the circle.  The dodging from WA, Leanne Mansfield was phenominal, performing triple and quadruple dodges, making the WD fall behind her at every point, allowing no way for the ball to be intercepted.  She threw some superb loop balls into GS, Hannah and adapted her feed, performing some ‘spot on target’ short passes too.  A tactical switch by the Coach, allowed fresh legs mid-court, with Molly Brett taking the C position and Lisa Short moving to WD.  The change of dynamics resulted in tighter defending mid-court and superb feeding with new links into the circle from Molly Brett.

Defence was on point today!  Chloe D’Arcy filled in at GD, playing out of position and out of her comfort zone, resulting in her being unsure at the start of the game, but changing her mind and looking like she was in her natural position once she got into the flow of the game.  She perfected her lean on marking the shot, resulting in the shooters holding onto the ball too long, gaining the advantage for Omega.   Both  GK, Louise Cousins and GD, Chloe D’Arcy marked the oppositions strong GS, but Chloe also read the feeds into the GA at times, ensuring some great interceptions throughout the game.

GK, Louise had the toughest of players as the GS was very tall and a consistent shooter, but her determination and marking led to the GS missing quite a few shots in the last half, which really gave Omega the boost to win the game.

It was close throughout, with Omega only ever being at most 8 infront, but we remained calm, passed it around and controlled the game to make the final score.

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