Omega 2 vs Asco – Sunday 7th January 2018

Omega 2 7th Jan 2018

The 1st game of 2018 for Omega 2 and the team were anxious.  They were uneasy about how they were going to perform having had several games cancelled by leagues for unforeseen circumstances in November and December, resulting in the team’s last game of 2017 being 13th November… the team had had an extended Christmas break!

The starting squad was  GS – Sophie Humphry; GA – Emma Faulkner; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Lisa Short; WD – Molly Brett; GD – Andrea Kinninmonth; GK and captain – Louise Cousins, with Hannah Brown starting on the bench due to having broken her finger at training earlier this week.

A scrappy start to the game with both teams wanting to take home the win.   The game was neck and neck for much of the 1st quarter, with many simple errors being made across the court and neither team taking a head start off the block.  The Christmas festivities have definitely taken their toll and the whole Omega team struggle to settle into the game, but they begin to capitalise on some errors made by Asco, giving them a lead of 4 goals at the end of the opening quarter, with a score of 12-8.

A reminder of Club playing principles from the Coach in the break and the team know they have to take control if they want to start the year off as they mean to go on.    Both teams take the court and play begins, but the frantic play continues!  The younger opposition strive to keep the win in sight and come out meaning business, but somehow, Omega continue to increase their lead by a further 2 goals by half time, ending the 1st half 25-19.

During the break, once again the Coach attempts to instil the key elements back into our play.    This quarter, it appears the team have listened and begin to play their game.  They are much more settled and manage to maintain control of the game with great linking of the balls by the attacking players, who manage to find the shooters who are consistent with converting the shots.  The defence are tighter and win many more balls from the opposition, allowing the whole team to work together as they did pre the lengthy down period in November and December, which results in a comfortable 18 goal lead going into the final quarter.

The final quarter and Omega return to court, with Hannah taking the GS position, Emma moving to C and Lisa taking the bench.  The team appear comfortable with the lead created in the 3rd quarter and continue a steady game.  Hannah is found easily in the circle and doesn’t let the team down with more spot on shooting, supported well by her attacking team mates both in and at the edge of the circle.  The defence continue to win more of the ball from the opposition and the improved play across the whole court ends the second half with a spectacular goal difference of 27 goals and a final score of 62-35.

Slow off the blocks, but as the Omega team settled into their game, they worked well together as a squad to bring home a fantastic first win for 2018!  Hopefully the rust has been shaken off and we’re back in our stride!

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