Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 – Saturday 2nd October 2021

Based on the league table standings after the first couple of games, Omega were expecting a different opposition to what they discovered upon arrival at the Sir Fred’s this morning.   On seeing the team, we knew this would be a well competed game that we’d have to fight to the end for.

Taking the court to start the game were GS – Ruby Brett,  GA – Laura Robilliard  (Millard), WA – Zoe O’Neill, C – Lucy Andrews, WD – Nicola Rantell, GD – Samantha Abbott and GK – Andrea Kinninmonth, with Emma Faulkner on the bench.  The opening centre pass was Turnford’s but due to a missed shot, Omega gain the chance to steal the first goal, however likewise did not convert allowing Turnford to reset and score.  As the team settled into their play, they gain a 3-goal run in the first few minutes, but Turnford fight back and the court play is matched by both teams, however the shooting accuracy goes to Turnford and they win the quarter 12-10.

Omega’s quarter chat focusses on attacking the ball and loosing our opposition and the decision is taken to keep the status quo for the 2nd quarter in hope the team compose and take heed of the advise given.   We retake the court and once again the court play is even stevens. Omega win a few turnovers this quarter, but this is negated by more errors across all players, which coupled with goal conversion, does not allow us to capitalise once more.  However, a low scoring quarter is seen by both teams and Omega only loose the quarter by 1 goal, resulting in a score of 15-18 to Turnford by half time.

During half time, a substitution is made in hope that the attack dynamics change.  This sees Emma Faulkner taking the GA position, Laura Robilliard (Millard) taking the WA position and Zoe O’Neill taking the bench.    Turnford also make changes, benching their GS and moving their C to GA and GA to GS.  Omega loose the first centre pass which was theirs, but manage to steal the next 6 goals consecutively.    More turnovers and less errors in our play gains the advantage on several occasions and this quarter GS- Ruby Brett is on fire, scoring more goals herself than achieved in the whole of the first half of the game.   The whole team seem more settled and comfortable in their play and  this quarter they prove to much for their opposition.  The substitions have paid off for Omega, but the same cannot be said for Turnford.   Omega gain a much needed lead of 9 goals in this quarter, winning it 18-6, thus allowing them a comfortable lead going into the final quarter with a score of 33-24.

Turnford revert back to their original team for the final quarter to seek the win and Omega remain with the same team as quarter 3.    Turnford let us know they are not ready to concede the game and Omega have to dig deep and give their all.  The opening minutes sees the first 2 goals scored by Turnford and the next 2 by Omega.  From then on, every goal scored is Turnfords as they punish Omega’s missed chances.  Omega see the goal difference diminishing and implement tactical play to hold on to the win.  They play strategically well and succeed in their quest, but allow Turnford to close to within 3 goals, allowing them to take 2 points to the table.  Not our best performance, but Omega gain the 5-points for the table with a winning score of 35-33.

The team reflection after the game, outlined several skills to work on at training this week and next, in readiness for the next game when the team meet 2019’s league winners, SAS on 16th October.

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