Netball Guidance for COVID-19 for Omega Netball

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the risk to our members in association with the game, we have compiled this page to support all our members with a single place to locate information about what we as a players and as a club need to do in support of the EN and Government guidance, to allow the restarting of netball under Stage 4 EN guidance.

The current, England Netball (EN) Stage 4 COVID-19 guidance can be accessed at

Omega have opted for multiple COVID-19 representatives, to help spread the message and allow multiple points of referral and support with ensuring all members are aware of and adhere to the Government and EN guidelines.  Our COVID-19 representatives are:-

Paul Kenny & Andrea Kinninmonth (Seniors Training)

Andrea Kinninmonth & Lucy Hoskin (Juniors Training)

Lucy Hoskin & Claire Daw (1st team points of contact)

Emma Faulkner (2nd team points of contact)

Andrea Kinninmonth  (3rd team points of contact)

Andrea Kinninmonth & Lucy Hoskin (Junior Members)

Each club is asked to perform a COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Management Plan, per venue used.  Please familiarise yourselves with these documents, which can be accessed at:-


Information below will help you understand:-

  1. What YOU need to do NOW.
  2. What you need to do BEFORE attending every session (i.e. training and/or game).
  3. What you need to do DURING and AFTER every session (i.e. training and/or game).
  4. Game Modifications for Stage 4a.
  5. EN recorded forums for Officiating (Umpiring) and Coaching.

NOTE: – Further guidance will be added that will be venue and league specific, so before attending a venue or league please check for updates on their specific requirements and guidance.    As information is updated on this website, a Whatsapp message will be sent to all members and volunteers to notify of the update.

Should anyone require Safeguarding advise, please contact the Club Safeguarding Officer at ‘’ or refer to the EN Safeguarding guidance.

What YOU need to do NOW:-


  1.  First you will need to  check your personal risk using the EN guidance.  Each participant will have to determine the risks on a personal basis and must NOT feel pressured to participate in netball as everyone’s circumstances are unique and must be respected.
  2. Having read and understood the risks, if you are happy to proceed to participating in training and games, you will need to complete the ‘Opt In Form’ and provide a signed copy to Andrea Kinninmonth who is collating these for all members.    OPT IN FORM (at the bottom of the information at this link) – Ref-6.-Opt-In-guidance-updated
  3. Finally, you will need to buy your England Netball Membership on EnGage system, so you are insured to participate and also to enable Track and Trace to be properly established for our netball activity.

Once complete, you are ready to participate in Stage 4a netball, but there are other things you need to do, BEFORE you attend EACH session (i.e. training or game).

BEFORE attending a session (i.e. training or game)

Everyone due to attend a session, must:-

  1. Perform a Health Screening Check,  If you answer, YES to any of these questions, you MUST NOT ATTEND netball and must arrange a COVID-19 test.  Please also inform your team COVID-19 representative and/or lead COVID-19 representative so the Club are aware and can plan activities accordingly.
  2. Complete the ‘Track & Trace’ process on EnGage, by taking a picture or hovering your phone camera on the Omega T and T poster on our form.  This will open up the EnGage form for you to complete prior to attending netball.
  3. Anyone who has contracted COVID-19 and is recovering or has recovered from the virus, MUST follow advise from their GP or Consultant relating to the return to training and playing.
  4. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, MUST NOT ATTEND training or games.  Key symptoms are:-
                • High Temperature
                • New and continuous cough
                • Change to or loss of smell

    Please refer to the Government guidance for symptoms at

  5. Anyone returning from a country that the Government have stipulated quarantine measures for, MUST NOT ATTEND training or games.

Additional EN Guidance for attending the session:-

  1. Car Sharing to and from a netball activity is NOT allowed.
  2. Members are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser to each activity, but the club will have some available as a failsafe.
  3. Bring plenty of fluid for re-hydration.
  4. Arrive on time (i.e. NOT too early) and in kit, ready to train/play as there will be no changing facilities available at the venues.

What you need to do DURING and AFTER every session (i.e. training and/or game).

During ALL netball activity, it is important that we all follow guidance in order to keep everyone safe and limit the COVID-19 infection transmission.  The following are EN guidance that we need to ahere to:-

  1. Follow any one way systems through entry and exit points and remain 2m apart when off court or not in play.
  2. Listen to instructions and take note of venue and activity signs for further information.
  3. Do NOT share bibs and only use ‘clean’ equipment.  Sanitising spray and wipes will be available at every session and shared equipment (e.g. balls, spots, etc…) will be cleaned regularly during the session.
  4. Sanitise your hands regularly.  Sanitiser will be provided at each session, however each member is encouraged to bring their own.
  5. Parents MUST NOT enter the training courts and are advised to converse with coaches by email or phone.
  6. Congregating prior to, during or after a session is not permitted.  Attendees must arrive at the venue on time (not too early) and vacate the venue without delay, upon completion of the session.
  7. If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms within 48hours of a session, please inform NHS Track and Trace and the Club/Team COVID representatives.

Game Modifications for Stage 4a

Netball in its traditional form was considered HIGH risk, so to allow netball to progress to larger groups and court training and play, EN has had to submit proposals for change to the Government for agreement.   The following changes to traditional netball have been implemented and will form part of our games and training until further notice:-

Rule Changes:-

4ft spacing for the start of play

4ft marking

4ft position of penalised player

Removal of toss ups

Removal of idle interactions

The following are the required positionings for the start of play (i.e. at each centre pass):-

  • All players must not position within 4ft (1.2m) of any other player
  • GA/GD/WA/WD can position as normal at any point along the transverse line but must maintain a distance of 4ft (1.2m) from each other
  • GS/GK are required to start inside the Goal Circle 4ft/1.2m apart
  • Centres can position as normal but must maintain a distance of 4ft (1.2m) either at the Centre Circle or if the Centre decides to mark at the transverse line

The following are additional Hygiene/Safety Measures that have been introduced:-

  • Players are required to sanitise their hands at the start and end of each quarter
  • A freshly cleaned/sanitised ball should be used for each quarter (same ball can be used but must be cleaned at quarter times)
  • Spare ‘clean’ ball to be kept in reserve if the match ball enters a spectator area
  • Match Officials and Scorers will now be required to be at least 2m from activity where possible, with 2m distance between chairs.
  • Those sitting on team benches will be 2m or 1m+ apart with risk mitigation in place where 2m is not possible.
  • Team talks should be conducted in socially distant circles on the court to avoid congesting the bench area
  • Social norms including handshaking, goal celebrations, high 5’s etc are not permitted
  • The post protector at each goal end should be sanitised prior to the start of the match
  • Players are actively discouraged from touching the post
  • Shouting is not permitted
  • No sharing of water bottles and these should be clearly marked
  • No sharing of bibs.  Clean bibs must be used for each player change on court.


EN Recorded Forums for Officiating (Umpires) and Coaches

England Netball have recorded some forums on which they presented guidance to match officials and coaches.  Click onthe forum titles below to watch the recordings:-

Stage 4 Coaching Forum with Q&A 

Stage 4 Officiating Forum with Q&A